If you are considering migrating your files to secure cloud computing there are things you will need to consider before doing so. As well as the size of storage you may require and the cost, the security of your files will also be an important factor to bear in mind.

At present you are in charge of your own security and for many businesses this can be difficult to relinquish! So why would you think about trusting another business with your precious data?

As well as the other benefits of having your file storage external to your business, you might be surprised to know that applications and resources delivered from the cloud are on the whole more secure than computers and servers managed onsite.

Why the cloud is more secure

Cloud computing providers focus on giving you the best storage and delivery for your files and keeping security updated and relevant is upmost in their mind when providing it. When storing your information in house you are responsible for keeping your servers up to date, which can be costly, and updating security systems can slip from time to time when managing it in-house. With cloud computing the upkeep of security measures are included in your storage fee which helps you to reduce costs and ensures they are always up to date.

Many times cloud computing provides automated backups which keeps your files updated, saves time and means you don’t need to pencil yet another task into your diary to remember to do (and just out of curiosity, when was the last time you backed up your files?).

In case you do have a system problem or your computer fails, accessing your information is not a drama when you manage your files on the cloud. All you need to do is log on using a different device and bingo, your files are available on demand which can reduce down time and increase productivity.

What to look for in cloud computing

If you are considering using cloud computing look for a solution that provides the most innovation and has features that are keeping up with the demands of technology.

You also want to consider one that delivers simplicity, there is no point in using a system that is more time consuming than what you already have in place! One other point to consider is to make sure you are able to access your files from a variety of devices including smart phones and tablets as well as Macs and PCs.

Sharing your documents is another factor to think about when looking at options. You may have to share documents with people external to your business, so make sure you can do so with ease.

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