Have you ever pondered how technology can help reduce workplace stress in your company?

There isn’t any question that stress is one of the most unhealthiest aspects to work environments, especially when it’s chronic stress. Your company may have high-pressure situations every hour of the day, and your employees are likely starting to feel the effects.

It doesn’t help when you have technology that doesn’t work correctly or has outdated features. You maybe haven’t invested in new technology for a while, and that can mean vulnerability to viruses or other issues if you haven’t downloaded updates.

Older technology can also have performance lags due to limited memory. When you have employees out in the field who need to depend on optimal devices, forcing them to use slow-performing tech can make their jobs a burden.

Sometimes merely trying to find the right technology can become overwhelming. With so many choices, you need reliable IT management to help you find things fitting your business structure.

Let’s take a look at some tech options that don’t cost a fortune and can help lessen pressures in how your employees do their jobs.

Finding Ways to Keep Batteries Charged to Reduce Workplace Stress

There isn’t anything more stressful than an employee finding out their battery went dead on their mobile device. While working in the field or when traveling, it’s easy to get distracted and forget to charge a smartphone or tablet.

By using a portable battery pack, you can give your employees something that’s practical and keeps their mobile devices continually operable. These hardly weigh anything and are very portable. They also don’t cost a lot and become invaluable when your employees depend on mobile tech to enter private customer information.

The Benefits of Cloud Storage

Many companies rely on the cloud now to store their private information. The cloud can eliminate a significant amount of stress, particularly for your CFO. However, it can reduce workplace stress for everybody in your company in a time when man-made or natural disasters can strike at any time.

What happens if your business becomes decimated from an unexpected event? If you have all of your company data stored in an on-site server, you could lose everything in an instant. With the cloud, you can re-access everything with an Internet connection.

Using cloud apps like Evernote, you can even help your mobile employees easily store and retrieve data in a more connected way.

Using Managed Services to Control Your Technology

When you become overwhelmed at the amount of technology in your company, it’s time to put some better management in place. Trying to manage it on your own is impossible when you have devices in different departments and locations.

With a BYOD policy, your employees may have mobile devices you don’t even know about. This alone probably causes you stress and worry every day.

Using managed services, you have a team working remotely to make sure your technology operates optimally at all times. Through prevention practices, they’ll prevent problems from occurring so you don’t face downtime solving issues.

Using Applications for Productivity and Entertainment

Apps are a normal way of life on mobile devices, yet you don’t have to stick to ones that relate to work. To reduce workplace stress, let your employees work with productivity apps to help them get things done easier. Or, provide some entertainment apps on their phones to help them get their mind off work during breaks.

Thanks to millions of mobile apps being available, they’ll provide variety to reduce workplace stress and job tedium.

Let us help you find ways to make technology reduce stress in your company.

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