So you have a spam problem, your company has come to a grinding halt, so what do you do about it?
You have ended up on a blacklist or you have been blocked by another company’s email server?
Maybe you had a call from a client and they haven’t been receiving your email, maybe your email is being tagged as spam and not landing in their inbox.
In this blog we will help you determine if you are on a list and how to get off the list. It can be a stressful situation and the main goal is to get off the list.

How to get off a blacklist

You’re on a spam list

If you have ended up on a spam list it’s best to check if you are on a blacklist. If you have ended up on a blacklist you will need to understand how you have ended up on the blacklist and resolve the issue that has caused you to be listed. You will need to resolve that issue.

There are a number of reason why your domain or company might be on a blacklist. Here are the most common reasons;

  • Someone in your company is sending out spam. Be it related to your company or not it’s been marked by someone as spam somewhere and it’s unwanted and the emails being sent are not acceptable usage of email. Sometimes this can be marketing campaigns or someone simply not doing the right thing.
  • A computer or server in your company has a virus and is sending out email. This is likely an email relay allowing a spammer or hacker to send out copious amounts of email from your network or computer. Literally maxing out your network or server.
  • Your email server has been incorrectly set up and it’s allowing unauthenticated emails to be sent. Spammers and hackers are always looking for open email servers to send out email. As soon as they find one they will use the open relay and you have a big problem.

How to confirm if you are on a spam list
One of the best tools for determining if you are on a blacklist is MXToolbox. Go here and enter in your domain name into the search box. The results will help you determine if you are on a list and on which lists.
It’s also worth putting in any IP addresses you have that are associated with your email server or that are allowed to use your email system like Google Apps. For example if you have a web server that has access to send email or submit email from a form. This server may have been compromised or hacked and might be part of the problem.
Stop what you are doing!
Once you determine which lists you are on and why you are on the list you can then fix the problem. If it’s a virus clean the virus, if you have an open relay turn the relay off or if you have someone in your company sending out spam or marketing campaigns then tell them to stop.
After the problem has been fixed
It can sometimes take days, months or years to be fully purged from the lists. Even though you are not listed on the primary databases we showed you at MXToolbox you can often still remain on different companies spam lists. It might need the help of their IT team to add you to a whitelist or manually remove you from the blacklist. You will need to ask them directly.

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