You have likely heard the old adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Does that statement hold true in the world of IT management?

Here’s our guide to determining what is best for your business IT needs.

Proactive IT vs Reactive IT: What Is the Difference?

Each business has its own IT personality. Essentially, a business either takes a proactive stance regarding IT management, or a reactive one. What are the differences?

Reactive: If your IT strategy is a reactive one, basically you try to handle issues when they arise. This means that you experience some negative event with your IT infrastructure and you react to it, usually by calling your IT support provider and waiting for appropriate repair to be done.

The wait time varies according to the workload of your IT support provider and the severity of your IT problem. In the meantime, your business processes are interrupted, and productivity is negatively impacted.

The truth is that many businesses adopt this reactive strategy to their detriment. Why can this be said? Reactive IT management:

  • is time-intensive.
  • is costly.
  • is inefficient.
  • keeps your IT system in a perpetual state of mediocre performance.
  • keeps you from realizing the true ROI that can be achieved with a more agile IT strategy.

Proactive: A proactive IT approach, however, is vastly different from a reactive one. The focus in a proactive strategy is to anticipate and neutralize issues before they disrupt business processes.

Much like you ensure that your automobile receives routine maintenance with the idea that such a strategy will prolong the useful life of your automobile and greatly reduce the chances of a serious mechanical malfunction, choosing proactive IT strategies will prolong the useful life of your IT infrastructure and help you achieve the type of ROI for your efforts that you would like to see.

What Proactive IT Involves

At its best, proactive IT is a managed approach to IT services. Managed IT services include:

  • a strategic plan
  • regular training
  • continuous support
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • routine, systematic maintenance

Advantages of Proactive IT and Managed IT Services

Think about what you want from your IT infrastructure. Ideally, you likely want your systems to run smoothly, your business processes to continue without interruption, and your IT system to hum along in the background without you having to give it a second thought. Managed IT services make that scenario much more likely. Consider just a few advantages of a proactive approach:

1) Servers, workstations, and network devices are monitored for performance issues.

In this way, potential equipment failure can be anticipated and corrected before the situation escalates to an actual failure. Additionally, equipment performance can be optimized, thus saving time and money by increasing the efficiency of your system.

2) Applications are monitored for functionality issues.

This includes configuration of any new software, along with updates and security patches for existing software. This is one of the most valuable aspects of managed IT services because keeping your software applications up to date is a protection against malware, spyware, and viruses that could bring your systems to a halt. Consider managed IT as your guard at the gate.

3) Backups are performed locally and in the Cloud.

Appropriately scheduled backups ensure that your business is disaster-ready. Local backups keep your information at your fingertips. Cloud backups allow you to restore your important files in the event of a localized disaster event. If your backup strategy is to be truly effective, both types of backups must be performed regularly. Managed IT services ensure that this job is done.

Proactive IT is Successful IT

Of course, there are many other advantages of a proactive approach to your IT needs. Some of them are:

  • training and support for your staff
  • a pre-set support agreement fee that helps you budget appropriately for your IT needs
  • continuous feedback regarding the status of your current system and suggestions for continued improvement

If you would like to ensure your IT systems are protected and supported with proactive services, please contact us. Our managed IT services are designed to provide the type of proactive support that gives you peace of mind and allows you to reap a positive ROI for your IT strategies.

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