Did you know that a Fortinet Enterprise Subscription can help prevent ransomware? The Fortinet Enterprise Subscription is a bundle of Fortiguard security services from Fortinet, one of the leaders in online security, providing advanced threat detection and protection across multiple layers of your infrastructure.

FortiGuard security services helps to keep your systems secure by providing security and protection across a number of areas including Next-Generation Application Control and IPS, Web Filtering, Antivirus, Web Application Security Service, Antispam, Vulnerability Scan, Botnet IP and Domain Reputation, Database Security Control, Mobile Security Service and Advanced Threat Protection (FortiSandbox Cloud).

Fortiguard makes the security services available directly to Fortigate devices through a subscription feed. As the Fortiguard Labs division works proactively to discover new and emerging threats, updates and fixes are developed and pushed out to Fortigate devices automatically in real-time to ensure they are always kept up to date with the newest protection and enhancements.

The Fortiguard Services Bundle provides a number of subscription options for your Fortigate devices. The Enterprise Bundle delivers the most complete protection for your environment by providing all Fortiguard security service for Fortigate devices.

What Are the Fortinet Enterprise Subscription Services and how can they prevent Ransomware?

Next-Generation Application Control and IPS
This service is the foundation of all network protection and is a must for any organization. Intrusion Prevention provides protection for your network from outside attacks through a constantly updating database of known threats as well as using behaviour analysis to block unknown, new and potentially malicious threats. Application Control also allows for the monitoring and control over thousands of known and custom applications.

Web Filtering
Web filtering protects your environment by allowing you to control access to six broad and over 80 micro categories of web sites from your devices. Websites are constantly monitored and assessed, and automatically categorized so your devices are always protected.

FortiSandbox Cloud
This cloud based service allows for the detection of advanced threats testing suspicious code or URLs in a secure, separate environment before being allowed to enter or be executed on your network. Vulnerabilities like Ransomware can be picked up through this mechanism where it may not be detected with other scans.

Fortiguard Antivirus ensures protection against viruses, spyware and malware across your network through constant updates and industry leading detection engines.

Mobile Security
Antivirus and malware protection for your mobile devices against new and evolving threats.

IP and Domain Reputation
Protects your network and devices against attacks through a constantly updating database of known malicious IPs and domains. It prevents communications entering your network and also from exiting your network in the event a device in your environment is compromised.

Blocks and prevents nuisance and malicious email reaching your mailbox while allowing for powerful configuration and fine-tuning of policies to allow the right emails to reach you.

Other subscription tiers are also available including the UTM Bundle which includes Next-Generation Application Control and IPS, Web Filtering, AntiVirus, AntiSpam services and the Next-Generation Firewall Bundle which includes Application Security and IPS.

Included in both the Enterprise and UTM subscriptions are core FortiCare services as well as access to support (8×5 or 24×7)

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