Outsource your IT, are you ready to take the big step? It’s almost impossible to build your business and cap costs when you manage your own IT. That’s why in 2013, 43 percent of the IT sector was outsourced. By handing your technology tasks and troubles to an IT company, you can focus on what really matters – growing and guiding your business.

Still not convinced? Consider these 3 reasons to pass on your IT burden:

  1. Expert advice: You’re great at what you do; and third party IT companies are the pros in their field. Why struggle to do something you don’t understand or enjoy, when there are people who live and breathe IT around the clock?
  2. Reduced risk: Remember that time you tinkered with the photocopier? Managing your own IT is even riskier. You could erase crucial data, expose your confidential information to cyber criminals, or damage expensive infrastructure. Outsourcing your IT risk makes your systems faster, more flexible and more secure.
  3. Cut costs: Most companies cite reduced costs are the main reason for outsourcing their IT. Your IT services provider will be able to get the best deals, and by speeding up your processes, you’ll be more productive.

5 Tips to Outsource Your IT

Ready to outsource your IT? Excellent! Get the ball rolling with these 5 tips for outsourcing IT services:

  1. Innovation: Find an IT services company that is always innovating their products and services. It will save you time and money – and you’ll always get the best tools and technology to stay ahead of the pack.
  2. Streamlining: Your outsourced IT department should always assess your processes and propose a faster, better way to work.
  3. Fixed fees: Forget hourly rates and endless fees or bill shock. A fixed fee, proactive service gives you peace of mind so you don’t have to keep watching the clock.
  4. Reputation: When comparing IT companies, look at their website and read recent (and real!) client testimonials. This gives a great guide to how the IT outsourcing business works and treats their clients.
  5. Round-the-clock support: Ask how your outsourced IT department will work around holiday periods. Is there always a team to cover when your contact is away? Do they have experience with your specific systems and technology?

Follow these tips for a simpler, smoother transition to outsourcing your IT. At Stanfield IT, we make outsourcing your IT a breeze. Ask us how.