Office 365 Teams is an underrated tool that can be used to effectively transform how you do business. Using a collaboration tool like this, will get you better teamwork, faster results and more effective communication. The modern work environment has evolved to accommodate flexibility and creativity far more than previously. Office 365 Teams gives you the tools and support you need as a business to create that same environment.

You may already be using Office 365 for your business, focusing primarily on documents, spreadsheets, emails and data storage. But Office 365 Teams is an integral part of the Office suite that your team can rely on to assist with collaboration and communication. Learning how to incorporate this tool into your daily work flow will make life easier for your team, and we’ve got a whole bunch of reasons why you should do just that.


With Office 365 Teams you can:


Give Everyone a Visible, Accessible Work Environment

Teams provides you with an open, digital environment that makes work integrated, and accessible across the board. Everyone will always be in the know with Teams, as everything is updated and integrated with the Office 365 suite. As it’s already part of the Office 365 package, you can access all your data and communications through Microsoft Graph and Office 365’s centralised management console. It’s not a stand-alone application, it’s part of a comprehensive platform.


Integrate Additional Business Apps

Integrate apps like Zendesk, Jira and Asana, which further optimise your work efficiency, work flows and customer relations. Be at the top of your customer service game by using these tools in conjunction with one another and set your business apart.


Third Party Collaboration

Work and coordinate with users outside your organisation, like vendors or external collaborators. Regardless of how centralised, or spread out your team is, you can work together. This is an incredible function that brings your team together wherever they originate from. Keep everyone on the same page without needlessly slow and convoluted update emails!


Shared Virtual Workspace

Office 365 Teams provides a shared workspace for your Team, collaborating all relevant files and documents in one location that everyone can easily access and edit as required. This feature allows your team to work on your project right there, without needing to constantly toggle between multiple applications.


Create Bots

Create bots within private and team channels. This means you don’t even need to rely on the availability of someone for simple questions. Use WhoBot to find out who to talk to about support, or HR, or security. Type it in the same conversational manner you might ask a coworker, and WhoBot will retrieve members who mention that topic often, as well as ways to contact them. PollyBot allows you to conduct quick and easy polls amongst your team on the fly.



Office 365 Teams contains a host of powerful functions and capabilities not available in other stand-alone apps like Slack. As a part of the Office 365 suite, you better believe it utilises that integration to the maximum. With Teams at your disposal, you have more than just a instant messaging platform. It may seem like just a reskinned Skype at first glance, but every aspect of Teams is designed for bringing your employees together. This works within the Office Suite to enhance project management, progress and efficiency, all wrapped up with the world-class Microsoft security and an intuitive interface.