Have you noticed any key signs you need managed IT services for your small business this year?

If you’ve just discovered you have problems and you need managed IT services, no doubt those issues were around for a while, but you just didn’t notice.

It’s easy to get complacent about acquiring new IT solutions when you’ve done the same things for so long. Perhaps you’ve relied on an in-house team for years, or using break-fix services out of thought you’d save money.

Once you look at the realities of what you’re paying an in-house IT team to only fix things when they occur, you’ll see how much money you’re losing. The same goes for break-fix services since many are unreliable on how much they’ll charge you once they come to fix something. Even if they have a set hourly rate, it can pile up considerably if repairs take an entire day or days.

Assuming you’ve seen the light on how much money you’re losing, what other key indicators do you have around your small business that prove you could use managed services?

Once you find out what managed services really do, you’ll see it allows more freedom compared to having a team of technicians physically getting in your way.

Take a look at these four key signs you need to pay attention to.

#1: Your IT Team Can’t Properly Fix a Recurring Issue

Another major problem with having an on-site team working for you is that they’ve only worked for you and nobody else. After a while, keeping up with the latest challenges and cyber threats in the IT world starts to become overwhelming. Because they only know about your business structure, they probably become complacent to those problems, until issues start happening.

An attempted fix by your team may not result in a complete resolution because they don’t understand what’s involved. In that regard, you may get inundated with the same IT problems occurring again and again. This also puts a strain on your IT team because they can’t keep up with service demands.

With managed IT services, you have remote monitoring to your systems with a technical team understanding every challenge. Problems get resolved quickly without second-guessing or excessive downtime.

#2: You’re Starting to Deal with More Sensitive Data

Doing business with customers requires more personal information you sometimes gather for later marketing purposes. As such, you may have a lot of personal data about your customers in your databases that could easily be compromised if you’re ever hacked.

Security can easily become compromised if you don’t have a reliable IT staff. Managed IT services have continual monitoring 24/7 to catch any security threats. Preventative measures are also put in place to prevent many of the worst attacks in the first place.

#3: Budget Concerns

Perhaps you’ve had to lay off your old in-house IT team because of budget trimming or profit losses. This could leave you without a dedicated IT team for a while, which should never happen when using as much technology as you do. The good news is managed IT services don’t cost as much as you think.

You only pay a set monthly rate that never fluctuates like you’d have using other IT services. A flat rate is also cheaper than paying salaries to IT staff when the latter seldom ever gives a healthy ROI.

#4: Problems Keeping Your Hardware and Software Updated

The cost of hardware and software can add up quickly, and you’re probably starting to see evidence of this as demand in those arenas pick up. Even worse is keeping hardware and software updated, which can turn into a spinning plates analogy.

Managed IT services move all those things to the cloud so you don’t have to worry about taking care of them physically. Your remote technicians update and upgrade everything without you even having to ask for it. Scalability is also easy when you need quick growth after a sudden influx of customers.

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