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Like any new system some people will be champions and be across it from day get go. These people are naturally curious or gifted at learning new technology. They are unphased by change and are ready to do anything to save time and money.

But what about the users who aren’t naturally good with new technology? Those people are going to be the ones who struggle the most and who will often make the most amount of noise in an organisation about change.

With Google so busy adding new featured every year – as many as 300 or more you may find it’s a good idea to get training for your team.

Why Google Apps for Work training is important

We have found businesses who get training on Google Apps for Work will be on board with the decision to change the way they work right from the beginning. They will have an understanding about the product and why it’s different to some of the systems they might have been familiar with in the past.

They will be ready to reap the benefits and the advancements in newer technology right from the start. This saves your business time and money. It makes their job easier so they are happy employees.

People who haven’t had training

People who haven’t had training will often be disruptive as they aren’t onboard they don’t understand and just find it difficult to do things they have been able to do with their old system for years. They have all of a sudden found they don’t know how to look for emails or don’t understand the difference between a label and a folder. They become frustrated and they start to share their frustration with other people in your organisation and all of a sudden you have an unhappy team.

Different types of training

There is endless information online on how to use Google Apps for work and how to solve any problem that comes up. There are training centers, paid for solutions, YouTube, and Google even has a great learning center here

We find users who are not as cluey with technology as your champions are the ones who will need facilitated training sessions. These sessions can be run in your office from a training center or online via Hangouts or even a product like TeamViewer.

The benefits of facilitated training

Users who attend a facilitated training session will have the benefit of being able to ask questions as you go and you can ensure they understand what they are learning is making sense and they can apply the new skills straight away. These people often find it harder to follow videos and online training materials. They will often benefit from other people in the room asking questions they haven’t considered.

When to do facilitated training

We find facilitated training can be done at different times. It really depends on your organisation and your team. If the idea of Google Apps for Work is foreign to your team maybe a basic training session will be best done before you go live with Google Apps.

Businesses who have users and employees who are a little bit more cluey with technology might find their users can log in and send an email without needing any training initially. They can get by for a week or two get familiar with the interface and the basics and after a week they will benefit much more from a basic or advanced training session.

Then we come across businesses who might not need the basic training at all. We also have businesses who don’t want to do a training session but want to just have a Q&A session to get the team going. This can be much better for businesses where the users have much more control over what they do.

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