Multiple monitors are for Everyone! Do you work all day on your computer, using just one screen?

You’re doing it wrong! Studies show that working with multiple monitors boosts performance and productivity – and could even save you money.

Just check out these 4 top reasons to use dual monitors!

4 reasons why you should use multiple monitors at work

1. Work better, faster

Today, work is all about getting the job done as quickly as possible – without sacrificing quality. And two screens makes that possible.

Rather than clicking and closing tabs, or minimising and maximising windows, you can use one monitor for research and the other for writing and email. Or use one monitor for work and the other for social media – keeping you connected without being distracted.

The result? Getting the same job done smoother and more swiftly.

2. Save money 

While we’re talking productivity, let’s crunch the numbers. According to recent reports cited in a Dell whitepaper, people using two screens complete tasks two-and-a-half minutes faster than those on a single screen.

Two minutes may not sound like much, but that’s an extra 40 minutes up your sleeve each day.

And that equates to 56 extra days of work per team member each year! In dollars, that’s $1.5 million in savings per year for a business with 250 employees.

Of course, the numbers are smaller for SMEs. But it’s worth making the switch to multi-screening to see how much time and money your business saves.

3. Easier collaboration

Do you Skype or teleconference regularly with colleagues or clients? Then multi-screening has another benefit for you.

Instead of squeezing your communication programs and documents on one tiny screen, you can have the teleconference window on one monitor, and use the other monitor to access information while you chat.

4. Perfect for mobile work

Many of our small business clients use laptops at work. The beauty of a dual monitor setup is that it integrates effortlessly with mobile work. Just attach your laptop to a docking station and you’re immediately plugged in to a second screen. Easy!

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