You’ve probably heard a few managed IT services vs. break-fix arguments over the years if you’ve had other people recommend both IT services for your small business.

So which is best for your small business?

After some investigating, you probably realized many of the businesses you compete with are still using break-fix IT services as a way to save money.

You may use break-fix services with the thought that going with managed services is too expensive.

In reality, it’s usually the other way around, depending on the type of provider you use. The trouble is, a lot of businesses are not paying full attention to their IT issues may mistakenly think managed services and break-fix services are the same.

They couldn’t be more different, with the biggest difference being in technology capability. Even so, they both use IT technicians, yet work and repair gets done using different methods.

Many businesses have in-house IT teams, and they sometimes get defined as a break-fix team because they only fix things when something goes wrong. This isn’t to say break-fix services aren’t available as separate businesses.

So which is truly better for your small business? You need to make the best educated decision since keeping your tech working efficiently is essential in a time when business is more demanding and competitive than ever.

The Difference in Technology

You’ll see the clearest difference between break-fix services and managed services is the improved performance and efficiency in your technology. Managed services might sound like an intrusive process, but it isn’t when it’s done remotely. The beauty of managed services today is that you don’t need IT technicians on-site to take care of issues.

All you need is an Internet connection so technicians can access your computers to fix problems. Most technical problems can easily get fixed this way, leaving you the freedom to go about your work without having technicians physically taking over your computers.

Preventative measures frequently get put in place beforehand so the worst problems don’t even occur. Regardless, when something happens, fixes occur quickly, sometimes before you even come to work.

With break-fix services, you’ll frequently have to wait to get things fixed because technicians have to visit you in person. That wait is sometimes painfully long if technicians become booked with work for the day. Emergency situations could mean excessive downtime for your business and damaging financial losses.

The Difference in Monitoring

Break-fix services don’t monitor anything because they aren’t doing any managing of your systems in the first place. As a result, it gives major points to managed services because technicians are always monitoring your systems 24/7.

This means when you have an emergency situation occurring on a weekend or a holiday, you aren’t left scrambling trying to find an IT expert for help. Many break-fix services aren’t even open on weekends, and especially holidays. You may get lucky and find one technician willing to help you, yet you’d probably be charged more for the convenience.

It’s there where you’ll see another surprising difference between these two services: The cost.

The Difference in What You Pay

Many IT experts say that break-fix services have frequent unpredictable hourly labor rates. While you’ll discover they have a set hourly rate, what happens if your IT problem takes all day to repair? This could become more expensive than you bargained for, not including the cost of downtime.

With managed services, you just have a monthly flat rate you always pay, which is an advantage when you need extensive fixes. Overall, the money you save with a managed service provider lets you eliminate any risk on assuming you’ll never encounter IT problems.

Here at Stanfield IT, we offer an excellent managed IT service that never gets in your way and helps protect you from the worst disasters. Even more so, you’ll have access to all your hardware and software online to keep them monitored and fully updated.

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