Businesses get managed IT services for a wide variety of reasons, but you may be wondering if managed IT services are right for your business.

In this blog, we will discuss the 10 ways your business can benefit from Managed IT services, so you can determine if it’s right for your needs.

What are Managed IT Services?

To put it simply, managed IT services are a proactive way for a company to have their computer and infrastructure needs met. This is usually done when companies need to upgrade their IT services without incurring significant additional costs. When do you know you’ll need managed IT services? Here’s a list of some of the signs you’ll need to hire a managed service provider (MSP):

  • You have a number of problems that your current IT department can’t handle. Regardless of your computer platform — be it Apple iOs, Windows, or Linux — if your current IT department can’t keep up with the demands of your needs, you need to consider hiring an IT services company.
  • There are more technology updates needed than completed. Software, today, updates at a very rapid rate, and that means that the need for specialized services is also required at a very rapid rate. If your current IT department can’t keep up with the changes, you need to consider hiring a managed IT services company.
  • You have sensitive information about your customers in your system. If you deal with such things as banking information, social security numbers, medical information protected under the HIPPA laws, and legal information protected by attorney-client privilege, you will need extra security on your system…and this can only be properly handled by a managed IT services provider.
  • The current price for IT services isn’t stable. Managed IT services normally charge a fixed rate for services each month, so if your IT budget changes regularly, it’s time to consider hiring a managed IT services provider.

Top 10 Benefits of Hiring an IT Services Provider

So now that you know what a managed IT provider can do for your business, here are the top ten benefits of hiring a managed IT services provider.

  1. You set the budget, and the needs. And the best part is, as your needs change, you can adjust the services accordingly.
  2. You will get expert support at a reasonable price. It costs a lot of money to train in-house staff & to teach them office policies — not to mention, it costs more than a contracted managed IT services provider.
  3. Your services will be guaranteed, regardless of the technology updates. Managed IT services providers are always up-to-date on the latest technology and software updates…and your price doesn’t change just because the platform(s) change.
  4. You will get a professional Information and Communication Technology (ICT) strategy. As with everything else in your business, you will need a proper strategy in order to execute a solutions-based (proactive) plan instead of a problems-based (reactive) plan.
  5. You will be saving money. Overall, the cost of your IT services will be much cheaper when using a managed IT services company.
  6. You will get vendor support. Any technological advances, including any software “bugs” and “updates,” will be taken care of by the managed IT services provider.
  7. You’re covered if disaster strikes. If there’s some kind of natural disaster — a hurricane, a tornado, an earthquake — and your infrastructure gets destroyed, you’re covered.
  8. Your IT goals will be in line with your business goals. Managed IT services are provided in conjunction with your overall business goals, so growth is cooperative.
  9. You will get personalized service, and specialized service. Because all an IT services provider does is provide IT services, that’s all we’ll be focusing on. Moreover, you will get the benefit of our undivided time and attention.
  10. Finally, but no less importantly, your IT services will be centralized. This means that no matter where you may be in the world, you can count on your IT services to remain in the same place.

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