There are a variety of concepts, ideas, and tools that companies must take into account when it concerns the handling and saving of data.

The best way to utilize all of these methods is just like anything else, remember that knowledge is power. Educate yourself about Google Apps for Work to learn what will work best for you.

Know your facts: Top 5 Myths About Google Apps for Work

Misconception #1: Google Apps is unsecured

It seems that every day we are hearing about new businesses that are dealing with cyber-attacks. With all hacking incidents in the news recently, it’s natural that some may find it hard to trust a big company like Google with their data, especially with the amount of connections that can be accessed by using it. After all, the bad guys in the news were after the big organizations.

Rest assured that Google has never been hacked on a large scale, so it has a solid reputation with some of the smartest engineers in the world. Google is always updating their security model, and they have even placed security settings and permissions for users, so they can be just as in charge of their own security as they would be with any other application. Google have many certifications and independent reports to prove they are the best in the game.

Fortunately, Data recovery is an integral part of Google Apps. Any data that becomes compromised or deleted can be recovered in seconds, which is good news for both the company and its users alike.

Misconception #2: What if the server goes down?

Google has a service level agreement on each one of their products, but Google aims to be better than their service level agreement. As a result, Google has a ninety nine percent uptime. Any changes that need to be made that are not necessary must only be done if they don’t interfere with the service level agreement.

Misconception #3: Will Google take ownership of my data?

Google lets you retain ownership, since it is only providing a storage space. You can edit and delete any data that you want without answering to Google. Google comply with the US-EU Safe Harbor Framework.

Misconception #4: Google employees will snoop in my data

Your data stored on Google’s servers is only yours. Google doesn’t have ownership of your information. Anything uploaded to Google’s servers is encrypted. Not even Google employees have access to your files. Check Google’s privacy policy for more details.

Misconception #5: Organization Does Not Need Google Apps

Over 5 million organizations worldwide use Google Apps, and that number keeps growing on a daily basis. If you use and create data that would be earth shattering if it was lost, or even slightly inconvenient then you need Google Apps. If your business has multiple people updating and editing files simultaneously, Google Apps will be necessary because it will not overwrite conflicts. Instead, it allows the user to decide which changes to keep.

It’s completely reasonable to be resistant to new technology at first, but with the smartphone revolution, apps are crucial to the way society is communicating these days. Change can be a scary thing, but it is important to keep up with the times in business trends to stay competitive in the marketplace with other companies.

As companies rely more and more on data, security and data recovery will become more of an issue. Companies are also more integrated with mobile devices than they used to be, and it is good to have a solution that is device agnostic when working on the go.

These are a few of the reasons that you must consider Google Apps for the future of your business.
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