Complete IT Support Sydney Wide

Complete IT support Sydney wide

With the best end-to-end IT support Sydney has to offer, the team at Stanfield IT are ready to chat with you about a tailored IT solution for your business. Stanfield IT manage IT issues and provide IT support for all types of small-to-medium businesses.

You’ll be given a phone number where you can directly access our tech team for IT support in Sydney. A trained technical team member will answer the phone from our local office every time you call for instant IT support.

When we’ve asked our clients the best thing about engaging with Stanfield IT, they’ve consistently told us that they love the reliability of always having someone to provide IT support for their business, no matter the scope of the issue.

Our team is our greatest asset—each Stanfield IT professional brings a different set of skills and expertise to the table. This means we can efficiently solve problems across different systems and platforms, while keeping you up to date throughout the whole process.

The best IT support Sydney has to offer

Depending on your situation, Stanfield IT can provide on-site, over-the-phone, and email support.

So that you can get the right fit for your business, we offer support via monthly packages, managed services, and by the hour, which is billed in 15-minute increments. This means that our IT supports Sydney business of all shapes and sizes.

Service Desk

We can provide IT support in Sydney via our service desk, which is our primary point of engagement for day-to-day activities. From our service desk, we can manage incidents, service requests, and handle communications. We offer remote IT support Australia wide and on-site visits Sydney wide, where we come directly to your business and source of the issue.

Instant Support

Don’t let technology hold up your business operations; get answers right away with IT support Sydney clients can count on. Our customers can take advantage of the instant remote IT support available over the phone, meaning urgent issues can be addressed straight away. You’ll get an experienced technician answering the phone every time―our goal is to deliver quick, effective support that rectifies the problem.  

Day-to-day Support

For non-urgent issues, queries, and long-term projects, our clients submit a ticket on our day-to-day ticket-management system. We manage your tickets for you, so that you are free to focus on your business―we know our clients are busy! You’ll receive regular updates on the process and outcome of your issue or query to the same email account you submitted the ticket to.  

User Management

You can opt to leave your user management to us, if that suits your day-to-day schedule. We can implement changes and add or remove users, new devices, and systems within your business. We can also manage user access to various business IT resources, including: storage and other systems, devices, applications, networks, mobile device management, and SaaS services. 

Policy and Procedure

Creating effective IT policies and procedures that are tailored to your business result in consistent decisions and actions―no more second guessing yourself. We can follow existing business policies, or create and manage IT policies that are purpose-built for your business. You’ll be assured that your business has end-to-end IT service management that adheres to these documented procedures. 

Office 365 and G Suite

We offer administration and user-management support for both Office 365 and G Suite. If you need to roll out one of these services in your business, or transfer over from a different platform, we can make this happen in an efficient, streamlined manner. Our IT support Sydney services ensure your teams are across the functions of the applications so that they can use them with ease and your business doesn’t see any loss in productivity. 

Help Desk

Get quick support for your workstations, network connectivity, and internet issues via our help desk. Our qualified, experienced technicians are across all aspects of small-to-medium IT management. Our clients enjoy access to this comprehensive brains trust, with our team members all bringing different expertise to the business.  

Flexible Arrangements

We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to IT support. We offer block-hour support, pay by-the-hour services, or arranged fixed-fee services so that there will be a suitable option for all of our client’s diverse businesses. With Stanfield IT, quality outsourced IT services don’t have to be a costly business expense. We have a range of options for IT support Sydney clients.

Assigned Team

You’ll get an assigned team of resources, which includes tiered IT technical support. These teirs are industry-standard levels, with L1 being basic help desk resolutions, L2 being in-depth technical support, and L3 being expert product and service support. You’ll also get have an account manager and project manager designated to your business to oversee all IT support Sydney services.

Managed Services

We also provide a host of managed services, which are aimed at improving operations and IT while cutting expenses for our IT support Sydney clients. This is achieved through a flat-rate unlimited IT support solution for your business. Through choosing Stanfield IT’s managed services, our clients have saved by to 50% on their IT support expenses. With managed services, you’re buying an outcome as opposed to buying hours. 

Cyber Security

Cyber security is at the forefront of our IT support in Sydney and Australia, so you can expect best-practice breach prevention and disaster recovery specifically tailored to your business. We deploy cyber-security services that are recommended by the Australian government and ensure that your company follows notifiable data breach laws to mitigate the potential of being fined.  

Multi Platforms

Our services cover multiple platforms, including end users, servers, the Cloud, infrastructure, and cyber security. This means that you don’t need to outsource different companies for different facets of your business’s IT services, saving you time and money. This also streamlines the implementation and management of IT policies and procedures.  

IT support Sydney clients can expect: 

What to expect when you engage us for IT Support

We will manage your IT issue until it’s resolved and you’re happy with the resolution and our IT support. You can expect comprehensive end-to-end IT management from experts in the industry who are passionate about technology. 

You will always get a technician who is based in Sydney on the phone, with IT support in Sydney always available to local and national businesses. This means local, immediate support with no wait times for issues that need to be dealt with immediately. 

For non-urgent requests that you submit a ticket for, you can be assured that we will follow up your query, manage the ticket, and find ways to help prevent the issue from recurring.

Our IT support Sydney services achieve this by following a standardised process:


Every call is answered immediately and you’ll receive instant support. 


All problems are entered into a ticket, which is owned by one technician so they’re fully across the issues occuring.


100% of the support you receive via email will automatically be entered into the ticket system and overseen by our tech support team. 


An investigation into the reported problem is launched immediately to quickly ascertain the source of the issue.


Communication with all stakeholders occurs from the beginning to the end of the issue-resolution process.


Our team will investigate and implement ways to improve the system or prevent the issue from happening again. 

“Mace operates in over 70 countries and selected Stanfield IT to help support its operations in Australia. Stanfield IT continues to deliver first class IT support in Sydney and sound expertise to the business. They developed a genuine understanding of the unique way in which Mace operates.”

Jeremy Oakes

Managing director, mace australia


Key Facts about IT support Sydney


Our team are all based in Sydney, Australia. This means you can enjoy local IT support in Sydney every time you engage with us and a high level of professional, clear communication. 


Stanfield IT’s tech team are always available to answer urgent support calls, even when our office is shut. You can be at ease that if there is an IT issue in your business we will be there to support you and deal with the problem. 


Don’t worry, we don’t use any automated call systems or put our clients on hold. You also won’t have to transfer between people―a trained technician will answer your call directly.


We understand the key role of technology in small-to-medium business to make them more productive and profitable. We are here to make that happen with our IT support specifically tailored to your business.


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Contact Stanfield IT today and we can discuss which IT support package will best suit your business.

Making sure you’re getting the best local IT support Sydney has for your business can mean sifting through a range of big companies who may not be dedicated to understanding the goals and complexities of your unique business.

With Stanfield IT, we will assess your business and listen to what you want to get out of IT services so that you’re paying for exactly what you need ― nothing more, nothing less!

 We conduct on-site IT services Sydney wide, so we can come directly to you if that will result in the best solution to your IT issue. If you’re looking for IT services in Australia, we can also offer remote assistance anywhere in the country. 

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