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If you’re looking for the best IT support Sydney has to offer, then stop and chat with Stanfield IT about what kind of IT support services we can provide for you. As a Sydney business, it’s wonderful to have support that’s local to you, and we are available to provide IT support Sydney wide.

We work with you to keep your business running smoothly, and can tailor a support plan designed to complement your business priorities. We’re fully aware how each business has different focuses and goals, and that you need a team that understands that, and will work with you to fit your business needs, and give you the best possible experience.

Much of your IT support needs can be met remotely, so you can have someone working on your queries and issues immediately when you call. We have the tools to provide support instantly from afar, one of the key ways we are able to provide IT support Sydney wide, even if we’re not next door neighbours.

Some of the key IT support services we can provide for your business:

  • Service Desk: We can provide a service desk function, and can be available either on-site if required, or provide remote IT support Sydney wide.
  • Instant Support: Our existing customers can take advantage of instant support available via phone for when you have urgent issues that need to be resolved instantly.
  • Day to Day Support: The alternative is day-to-day support via a ticket management system for non-urgent issues, queries and long-term projects.
  • User Management: We can implement changes, add, or remove users for new devices and systems within your business.
  • Office 365 & G Suite: We can provide support administration and user management for Office 365 and G Suite.
  • Help Desk: Support for your workstations, network connectivity and internet issues.
  • Flexible Arrangements: Whatever suits your business needs, we can provide block hour support, pay by the hour, or arrange fixed fee services.
  • Assigned Team: You’ll get an assigned team of resources, including level 1, 2, 3 as well as a project manager and an account manager.
  • Managed Services: We provide a whole host of managed services as well, which can be found in more detail at here.

Whatever your IT support needs are, we have the team for the job at Stanfield IT. Get in touch today with our amazing team of technicians who will talk you through whatever plan, ideas, or IT support you need.

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Key Facts about IT Support Sydney


Utilising a team for managed services takes pressure off your time, allowing you to maximise your money and time, increasing overall productivity.


Due to our ability to provide remote support instantly, we are able to provide IT support Sydney wide, so wherever you may be located is no barrier to excellent IT support.


As a team who is also based in Sydney, we understand the current environment for businesses and understand shifting priorities. There is nothing more valuable than a work partner who caters to your needs and supports you around the clock.


Effective IT support allows you to drive business, as your infrastructure, networks and system are guaranteed to be running smoothly and efficiently, and any issues are tackled immediately.


Your business should have tight cyber security, and with a local IT team on your side, you can ensure your business is defended from cyber threats.

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