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Support your business with a ready and responsive IT service desk. Our tech experts are here to help you with any IT issue, big or small.

Your IT service desk is made up of an invaluable team working hard behind the scenes to keep your business ahead of the competition.


Having an IT service desk on hand is a key factor in ensuring that your business has the tools it requires to perform efficiently and smoothly. When you’re partnered with the right IT service desk team, you have invaluable resources available to you―a team that has taken the time to understand your business and is able to provide you with relevant, prompt advice relating to your technical queries. We understand that no business is exactly like another, which is why we pride ourselves on our hands-on, focused approach which will be tailored to suit your unique business objectives.

The ideal IT service desk is not there just to offer support when something goes wrong. Rather, your IT service desk partner is there to provide you with day-to-day helpdesk support but also with ongoing IT services. The difference may seem semantical, but it is critical. Here at Stanfield IT we provide IT service desk as ongoing assistance and support that will handle any queries from my printer won’t connect to my computer to what’s the best way to upgrade and maintain my IT network?

Our IT service desk support includes:

Availability you can rely on. We will always be available to you as your primary point of contact in regards to all-thing IT, including cyber security and company data protection.

Over-the-phone, ticket software, and email options. You have options on how to contact us depending on the nature and urgency of your inquiry or issue.

Network monitoring and updates. So that your business stays secure and ahead of competitors. 

Pay-as-you-go or managed services pricing options. There is an IT service desk option to suit every small-to-medium business owner.


A few of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you engage our IT service desk are:

Professional assistance you can’t get in-house without employing a whole IT team. Managing a small-to-medium business means that you often won’t have whole teams dedicated to areas like IT. With an IT service desk, local, expert, advice is available to you for a cost that suits your budget and business trajectory.

Increased workplace efficiency. A cyber security breach, server going down, or old outdated infrastructure can bring your day-to-day business to a grinding halt (probably when you need this the least!). Your IT service desk will quickly and efficiently help when something goes wrong. We are based locally out of Sydney, and you won’t have to queue or be put on hold.

Employee productivity. Your employees will not only have the means to be more productive due to quick IT issue resolution, but will also have the benefit of up-to-date software, cyber security education and training, and business-wide IT solutions in place to increase efficiency in their roles. This is especially crucial in those day-to-day tasks that can drag out when something goes wrong.

Think of your IT service desk as a holistic service that covers all aspects of your IT queries and requirements. You want proactive service. Prompt responses. Transparent communication. At Stanfield IT, our IT service desk is all of that, and more.

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IT Service Desk Features

Your IT service desk can cover many more aspects of your IT queries and requirements than you may initially think. Lean on your support desk to handle the following:

Remote IT Support

Some queries just can’t wait. With remote IT support, your IT service desk is able to provide you with instant support over the phone and get you to a swift resolution so you can get back to business. Using a remote desktop sharing tool, we can work directly with your system so nothing gets lost in translation.

On-Site Support

On-site support is readily available when you need someone in person to work with you. It may be for technical issue resolution, or perhaps you just need in-person communication in order to feel confident in your IT service desk. Stanfield IT is able to come out to your place of business when you need it.

Technical Queries

You have your specialty and we have ours. Don’t waste your precious time trying to sift through solutions you find on Google to obscure technical queries. Call your IT service desk and let them handle your every day technical queries: from password requests, through to how to configure software settings for your office.

Multi-Platform Support

Whether your business is working on G Suite or Office 365, MacOS or Windows, and Android, Azure, or Linux, we can provide you with IT service desk support regardless of what platform you’re on. We can even help create a system of management or centralised communication across platforms.

Device Management

Mobile devices within a business are far more cumbersome and tedious to manage than dealing with personal devices. We can provide technical support relating to your mobile devices, find the right mobile solution for your business, and provide you with mobile device management solutions.


Whether you’re trying to get your wireless printer to connect to your network, or you’re wondering why your internet isn’t working properly, an IT service desk is able to take these queries. Plus, in most instances, an IT expert will be able to quickly talk you through the problem and resolution.

Workstation Management

Your IT service desk can spec, quote, procure, maintain, and upgrade your workstation setups. Within an office, you need the right computers and devices to handle your workload: your service desk partner can handle that for you and take the stress off.

Single Point of Contact

Having a single point of contact significantly simplifies and streamlines your internal processes. Instead of having multiple platforms and email threads, your business has a single source for all IT queries so everyone is on the same page.

Ticket Management

Your IT service desk will have a comprehensive ticketing tool and management system. This will allow them to stick to their SLA, prioritise issues, and also enable all parties to track progress of issue resolution with transparent communication. 

 Benefits of the Stanfield IT Service Desk


With a single point of contact, and a straightforward ticketing system, you benefit from consistency across the board. With three levels of support, your issues are triaged and assigned as they come in. From there, you can expect your issue to be handled either on the spot, or by an assigned technician (barring any extenuating circumstances).

This gives you reliability and consistency, so you know that you’re dealing with someone who understands the problem, and with whom you can build rapport.

Service Desk - Business IT Services


When your team is working on optimised networks―with up-to-date software and the latest productivity tools―it’s a given that you’re going to see increased productivity. Don’t underestimate the negative impact that a slow network, or outdated tools can have on your team’s productivity and efficiency. The best IT infrastructure is the kind you don’t notice. Remove frustration with buggy systems and ensure your employees can simply focus on their work.

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Between all members of our team, we have the expertise and experience to tackle just about any query. Our technicians are certified with all the major software and hardware vendors you would need in order to provide you with the most up-to-date and specialised support. Our team has the knowledge and the understanding to provide you with solutions with confidence, not confusion.

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Whether you need remote IT assistance, or on-site support, we can provide it. Got big problems on a little budget? Let’s make it work. An IT service desk with flexibility means you’re not getting locked into expensive contracts and pushed into purchasing tools or solutions that don’t quite fit your requirements. We look for the most relevant solution to fit your needs and ensure that you’re happy without feeling pressured. 

Network, Security, Server and Storage - Business IT Services

Cyber Security Focus

Cyber security resilience and preparedness is a feature that will ultimately keep any business alive. Cyber security is the very thing that will protect your data and reduce risk of attack. With every ticket resolution, technical problem, and potential solution, we consider the cyber security of your business and ensure that the solution is appropriate.

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