Unified Threat Management Services

We set-up Unified Threat Management Services for our clients networks to protect their mission critical systems around the clock through a combination of security strategies from one device

Unified Threat Management Services

Unified Threat Management Services offers multiple security functions from a single device that allows businesses to proactively scan and prevent security threats on the network. Unified Threat Management or UTM includes antivirus, network firewall, intrusion prevention, intrusion detection, content filtering and application level scanning.

Unified Threat Management has been established as the primary network and gateway defence security to enable businesses to protect infrastructure and intellectual property.  Unified Threat Management is affordable for businesses of all sizes though the implementation of devices that handle loads based on the business size.

One of the biggest advantages of Unified Threat Management is the reduced complexity, easy management, reduced training, reduced costs and the implementation of a single device or the same device in a load balanced scenario. Organisations who use UTM will likely be safer and less risk though the combination of multiple security strategies in one device.

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