Redundant Networks

We build redundant networks for our clients to load balance and ensure they have a failover mechanism in the event there is a failed network device or Internet connection


Redundant Networks

Ensure your business is resilient with a redundant network solution that will automatically fail over to a different network link in the unfortunate scenario one of your services or devices fail.
In mission critical environments that need highly available infrastructure a redundant connection will ensure there are multiple routes configured for all traffic internally and externally. Automatic failover can be configured with cheaper links so that mission critical services continue while non essential services are stopped. They can also be configured with an identical link to ensure all services continue to operate.
There are many ways redundant networks can be designed and configured. The team at Stanfield IT have highly experienced experts who can help you design a solution that is tailored to your needs and will prevent loss of productivity and disruption.

Our Approach to Network Redundancy

Stanfield IT approach every client with the utmost care to ensure we implement the most effective Network Redundancy system for their business. We follow the following well proven steps:

What is a Network Redundancy?

Put simply, think of Network Redundancy as your business network insurance policy. It is there to assist when failure occurs or an unexpected stoppage is encountered by acting as an automatic fail over system. Businesses rely on Network Redundancy to prevent any data loss or system outage, which can lead to inefficiency.
  1. Network Audit
    The first step Stanfield IT perform is a comprehensive evaluation of our clients business setup including all hardware and software. This gives our team a clear picture of your businesses IT setup.
  2. Business and Network Analysis
    Our team then performs a thorough analysis of your businesses network and devices. We asses and find any crucial network issues that need addressing.
  3. Network Redundancy Strategy
    Taking into account all of the information gathered, Stanfield IT then will prepare your business a Network Redundancy strategy including timelines and expected outcomes.
  4. Network Redundancy Implementation & Management
    Stanfield IT are experts in carrying out high quality Network Redundancy systems. Our skilled team will roll an effective system that always takes into account any network components, software, voice and data services and hardware.

Key Benefits of an effective Network Redundancy System:

Solid Disaster Recovery performance

Maintenance of network availability

Network management and reporting

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