Managed Networks Services

We manage our clients networks to ensure they have reliable, fast and secure networks through our proactive approach to protect against preventable failures.

Managed Networks Services

We can manage your end to end network requirements to give you maximum performance and efficiency with a well planned and designed solution that incorporates security and best practices. We offer managed switching, managed router, managed firewall and we can manage other network devices such as storage, WAN and LAN devices.
Our managed solution will monitor all network devices around the clock, we will push out updates and plan firmware upgrades at the appropriate times. These updates will be tested and verified before being deployed and we will provide unlimited support. All for a fixed monthly fee.
Businesses depend on their networks and can really suffer in the event there is an outage or a failed device. Employee costs and loss of opportunity stack up very quickly so businesses need to ensure they have a carefully planned solution that is resilient and expectations are met when there is an outage.

Managed Networks Services Include:

Network monitoring

Performance reporting

Network device management

Incident management

Managed switching

Storage device management (Such as WAN and LAN devices)

Managed router

Managed firewall

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