Companies across the board are increasing their investment in cloud computing, signing up for cloud-based storage and other services. One report predicts that spending on cloud IT infrastructure will leap by 18.2% this year to over $44 billion. So How can Google play a role? Introducing G Suite Team Drive – File Sharing for Organisations.

As the demand for cloud storage solutions increases, businesses need to find reliable ways to manage all of their data. This would include the following:

  • Setting up a strong, comprehensible system of organisation.
  • Being able to easily search for and quickly find any file.
  • Managing access to all files and folders.

Google offers powerful solutions for cloud file storage and management. You’re probably already familiar with Google Drive, which allows you to work with different file formats, organise them in folders, and readily share them.

Although it’s a strong collaborative tool, and can facilitate teamwork, Google Drive is centered on individual users. As such, it might be a more fragmented solution to rely on as you try to coordinate work within and between different teams of employees, colleagues, and business partners.

This is where Team Drive comes in. Its focus isn’t on any one individual, but on teams of people – such as the employees working together in various departments, or different groups within a department assigned to their own projects.

What are some of the benefits of G Suite Team Drive?

  1. Centralize your company’s files.
    Team Drive makes it easier to store your company’s data in a centralized way. Share files across teams in a more efficient, organised way. Employees will know they’re working off the most recent copies of the data.
  2. Manage permissions more effectively.
    With Team Drive, you have the means to manage access in a more granular way. Determine the degree to which people can read or modify files, and if they can open a folder and see its contents. This ability to efficiently manage permissions improves security, as it helps prevent employees from accessing information they aren’t authorized to know about or work with. You can also respond more quickly to changing circumstances; for instance, if an employee switches from one project or department to another, it will be easy to modify their permissions.
  3. Handle changes in employees’ status more smoothly.
    Add or remove employees from different teams, projects, or departments, and control their access privileges easily. Using Team Drive makes employee onboarding smoother and more simple, as new employees can immediately access the files they need to get started on their work. Furthermore, when employees leave the company, you don’t have to worry about trying to retrieve important work-related files from their personal drive.
  4. Enjoy new features.
    Google regularly tweaks its products and rolls out new features that prove beneficial. For example, they recently announced Cloud Search for G Suite, a more efficient way to search through the data you’ve stored in the cloud. (These searches also reflect file permissions, so that users can’t find files they don’t have authorized access to.) New features are meant to enhance productivity and help you maintain your stored data as a useful resource.
  5. Protect your data.
    Google relies on state-of-the-art security to safeguard your data, including when it’s in transit. Turning to G Suite Team Drive as a cloud storage and file management solution gives you powerful protection.

Team Drive grants you reliable control over your data and the way your employees work with it. Larger numbers of employees can collaborate and share files more productively. You can also enjoy confidence in Google’s security standards. If you have additional questions about G Suite Team Drive, please contact us. We’ll help you evaluate your company’s needs and how Google products may improve performance and help you reach your goals.

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