Inbox by Google has been out now for nearly a full year. Initially only released for consumers and still in beta Google has recently made Inbox only available to Google Apps for Work customers through an early adopter program.

Is Inbox by Google ready for business?

We are always looking at ways to help people find and save time. I like most people find using Gmail extremely efficient and would think the idea of changing something similar the the big change i made about 8 years ago from Outlook to Gmail. Admittedly I would never go back to Outlook now given the choice. Gmail is far more efficient and reliable.

Are you ready for the challenge Google has thrown up and willing to change the way you work again? Our team recently tried Inbox by Google on our Google Apps for Work domain and we decided to let everyone know how we feel about it.

What is Inbox by Google?

Inbox by Google is an email app that works across your browsers, Android and iOS. The whole point of inbox by Google is to allow you to be more efficient and increase your productivity. After all email has become a place with so much information coming in all day, much of it unwanted and unnecessary.

Inbox will group similar emails together for example if you have organised a holiday or a business trip Inbox by Google will group any of these emails together and give you the information you need when you need it. For example it will find your flight details and gate numbers and give them to you as an update when you are on the way to the airport. Inbox will convert the address into Google Maps and make it easier to find your way to and from the airport or your hotel. Once you’re at the airport it will present you with your tickets for your flight so you don’t have to go sifting through the mountains of emails looking for your e-ticket.  Pretty clever hey?

Google Apps for Work clients can turn on Inbox by Google by following their instructions here.

Our initial experience with Inbox

It’s a huge change from Gmail and you have to be prepared to think and work differently. Initially you might have trouble finding your emails, if you were using stars or important flags. So you might find you had 50 messages in your Gmail inbox and when you switch to Inbox by Google you have 10. This was our initial concern. Where did all those emails go?

Signatures don’t yet seem to be functional which is pretty much a show stopper for businesses who send and receive email continuously. Most people will want to have their signature at the bottom of every message especially sales people who want to be easily found.

Searching seems to be a lot better with Inbox than the standard Gmail. They seem to be interpreting your data and using geo tags and giving you better results.

The archive button has been changed to a done button which seems to make a lot more sense.

There doesn’t yet seem to be any way of getting to your settings which some people might be accessing on a daily or weekly basis.

Moving messages from spam didn’t seem like an easy or obvious feature.

The user interface seems to be much cleaner and more modern.

The pined emails and reminders are great, almost a replacement for stared but a little harder to view all at once.

Final thoughts on Google’s new Inbox feature

Overall we feel the concept of Inbox is a great idea and will change the way we work in the future. We feel that at the time of writing this blog there is still a long way to go yet for Inbox by Google before any businesses adopt this over Gmail.

As a team we have switched back to using Gmail and we would hope in the near future Google has made some significant change and would be ready for business clients who are looking at saving time and increasing their productivity.

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