Have you thought about how to improve your help desk support for IT services in your company this year? Help desks have a long history of not always having the best communication levels, especially in the days when office staff had to call in by phone. While phone help desks for IT support still exist, getting technical help shouldn’t have such a wide gap in helping office employees.

It’s true that those who work in IT services have a major challenge trying to convey technical information to those without thorough IT knowledge. Even so, this doesn’t mean you can’t find inroads to better communication with the proper insight.

You’ll find more success when you find a dedicated IT team that understands how helps desks need to operate in the time we’re in. Here at Stanfield IT, we feel we’ve mastered the art of the help desk.

Regardless, let’s look at how IT service desk support can improve using the best methods of psychology and communication acumen.

Understanding the Personality of a Help Desk Employee

Experts remind how you need to understand the personality of your help desk employees before they take on stressed callers. Having a good sense of humor always helps. However, having someone in IT services who can easily handle angry phone calls or emails without feeling depressed is a lesson in psychology 101.

Many people who call into IT service desk support are already stressed because they clearly have a major tech problem. In some cases, these are critical problems costing the business money. Having a help desk employee who already has a sense of empathy and understanding about what someone is going through is essential for more communication clarity.

The Ability to Listen

Other experts say listening skills need vast improvement if you’ve ever had help desk employees who excessively interrupt. Not listening to the concerns of the person requesting help can only lead to miscommunication on diagnosing the problem being described. Because the caller probably doesn’t talk in the same technical language, it could take them a while to describe what the issue is.

It also pays to remove distractions for IT service desk support employees. Whether it’s ambient noise in their work environment, or even media distractions, having these in the way could hurt any focus on the problem at hand.

Providing the Right Information

As employees call in to request help, they don’t want long hold times when requesting specific IT services. Perhaps some help desk employees have to look up specific data you don’t have immediately available to them. This is a major mistake since it can lead to further communication problems.

Make sure you have all pertinent information IT service employees might need available in a database for immediate referral. While you may have some help desk employees with excellent memories, the world of IT still needs proper crib notes to refer to when something unusual occurs.

Listening to Voice Tone Inflections

Using psychology is a major component of a quality help desk, and any technician talking to an employee should carefully listen to tone of voice. By honing in on non-verbal cues, IT service desk support can better gauge whether the employee fully understood the information given.

It’s one thing to properly convey technical information to someone. Yet, it does no good on helping them if they only pretend to understand. In this instance, it’s worth reminding all help desk employees to talk in basic language as much as possible to avoid confusion.

Here at Stanfield IT, we provide an excellent IT help desk support system that can help your company at any time it’s needed.

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