Today’s businesses run on technology as ever before. You want to be sure that your business continues to run smoothly–and that means that you need quality IT support that provides the performance your business needs. It’s time to evaluate your current IT support and make sure everything is running smoothly. Knowing what questions to ask will streamline that process and help you determine whether or not it’s time to make different decisions regarding your existing support style. Here is our guide on How to Evaluate Your IT Support.

How to Evaluate Your IT Support

1. What is the response time when you have a critical issue?
While some issues–jammed printers, a slow computer, or a forgotten password–may as a matter of necessity be pushed back in the queue, urgent issues should be dealt with quickly and efficiently. If you’re noticing too much of a lag between submitting a ticket and its resolution or if you’re starting to feel as though your IT staff takes an increasingly long time to answer your needs, it’s time for a change.

2. Do you have a clear IT Support strategy?
Having an IT department may not be enough to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as you’d like it to. Instead, make sure that your company has a clear strategy for taking care of necessary IT work. This might include clearly defining your objectives, including the purpose of the IT department; prioritising the order in which work should be completed; and defining the needs of the company with regards to technology help. Working with a managed IT provider is a great way to be sure that your IT strategy is providing everything that your business needs in order to be successful.

3. Is your IT department anticipating issues before they happen?
Ideally, you want an IT department that is not simply responding to problems as they crop up, constantly running from one fire to the next. Instead, you want an IT department that’s on top of things and ready to deal with problems before they occur. This may include taking care of necessary maintenance on your hardware, replacing hardware before it breaks down and causes bigger problems, taking care of software updates in a timely manner, and other common tasks throughout your company.

4. Are there IT Support tasks that aren’t being taken care of?
From everyday maintenance and completing tickets to handling upgrades, do the IT processes throughout your company run smoothly, or do you constantly feel as though your IT team isn’t completing everything you need it to? If you’re constantly struggling to keep up, it may be that your IT team simply isn’t the right size for your business. An outsourced IT provider could be exactly what you need to scale your IT team to the size of your business, constantly shifting the team as the business grows.

5. Is your IT Support budget maxed out?
In order to achieve the results you want from your IT team, whether you use an internal team or outsource, you have to be willing to provide the funding necessary to make those results happen. From providing the team with the budget it needs to replace equipment to funding a larger IT team, you need funds specifically dedicated to your business’s IT needs. If those funds are constantly falling short or you often find yourself putting off needed improvements for too long–or worse, making do with a too-small IT staff–because it “isn’t in the budget,” your IT budget needs an overhaul!

If your existing IT team isn’t meeting your current needs, contact us! We’ll work with you to create a more efficient IT response that will enable you to keep your business running smoothly while focusing on the issues that are most important to you, not on equipment that isn’t performing according to your expectations.

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