So you have setup Google Apps for work and someone asked if your data is backed up?

It’s well known Google keep your data in multiple geographic locations around the world.

They keep your data in their different data centers they own and operate. If one of their data centers fails no worries your data will be delivered to you from one of the many other data centers.

Take a look here for the specifics from Google.

But what happens when you delete something? Is it gone? can you restore it? Google take great measures to protect your data from natural disasters such as earthquakes but if you sign up to their standard package what happens if you delete something, how do you get it back?

Employee mistakes

From time to time employees delete things they shouldn’t, sometimes intentionally and sometimes by mistake. You may find you need to protect against both of these as the default setup of Google Apps does not protect against what your users can delete.


When you delete an email in Gmail, your email will be in your trash label for about 30 days. After 30 days it will be automatically deleted.


When you delete a file in Drive it will stay in trash by default. You will need to empty the trash for the file to be removed from trash. If one of your employees has deleted a whole company folder which is critical to your operations then they empty the trash – It’s gone.


Google created a bolt on product called Google Vault. Google Vault is available as a separate bolt on or part of the unlimited package. Vault is for litigation and compliance matters and makes it easy to find data across multiple uses really quickly from one central panel.

Google Vault does this by capturing a copy of every incoming and outgoing email message and storing it in a system that is not available to your users. This system allows you to set custom retention periods.

If you have Google Vault you are protected for all incoming and outgoing messages from when you set it up. However it doesn’t protect you for any existing messages and it doesn’t protect your Google Drive data.


Backupify is a completely separate product to Google Apps. Backupify is a cloud based backup system which will backup all of your Google Apps data. This is the most obvious choice if you are concerned about employees accidentally deleting something or if you are concerned about Google having some kind of issues in the future with your data.

Google Takeout

Google takeout allows you to manually take a copy of your data and download it for backup purposes. This might be good for a one off but if you need regular backups or retention it might not be the right choice.

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