Google Apps are arguably the best group of online tools available today to keep your business running optimally.

Nevertheless, they’re only as good as how you manage them. That’s the way it is with all technology, especially in the use of apps.

As apps continue to help us with everyday work life, it’s more necessary to keep them managed because of the various security aspects, upgrades, and other technical issues involved.

As you and your employees begin to use Google Apps more often directly in the workplace (or out in the field), how can managed IT services help you get the most out of Google Apps for work?

You’ll discover that having managed services helps you get more out of your Google Apps with a dedicated team watching out for you. Plus, once you discover what managed IT services does, you’ll realize you can use the solution for all of your computer and technology infrastructure.

Let’s take a look at how Google Apps usually get used and how managed services can help make them run more efficiently.

IT Support for All Google Apps

If you invest in the Google Apps product suite, you’ll have access to things like Gmail, Google Hangouts, Calendar, Google+, and Google Drive. All of these enable you to communicate in ways that truly inspire digital collaboration on critical business projects. These work especially well for mobile when you have your employees working in other locations, or at home.

Technical issues are always inevitable, though, when you’re working with an entire suite of apps. While Google support is good, it can take longer to get a problem resolved without having someone watching over your apps during every work day.

Because managed services work remotely through an Internet connection, IT support is instantly available when you have a tech issue. Or, sometimes an employee may need a question answered about how to use a Google App correctly.

The best IT support helps your team instantly when there’s a problem. In most cases, technical problems get scoped out in advance and fixed before any employees need support.

Security for Google Apps

Some Google Apps use the cloud to help you with enhanced business communication. Apps like Google Drive and Hangout can have potential security issues because of this convenience, though managed services complements any concerns you have about security.

Using the cloud safely means having 24/7 monitoring to assure you’re not hacked or experience other cyber threats. Quality managed services keeps watch at all times, including on weekends and holidays. Any compromising of data gets thwarted thanks to continual monitoring and the use of updated security tools.

Now you can use things like video chats in Google Hangouts and store important documents in Google Drive with confidence. Your mobile employees working in the field will have more peace of mind as well while they conduct business.

Providing Metrics and Solutions for Improvement

When you have a good IT management solution in place, you’ll also get regular metrics on how well you’re using your apps. This is important to monitor as you keep track of how you use Google Apps with customers and for attracting leads. It’s just one part of how managed services find ways to help your business grow and improve how you run things.

Based on those metrics, IT management can help give you solutions on how to use your apps in better ways. Beyond that, managed services help everything else in your company run optimally through monitoring and professional assistance in helping you scale when it’s necessary.

Contact us here at Stanfield IT and we’ll show you how our managed service solution can work well with Google Apps, plus all the business tech you use.

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