You’ve possibly been thinking about how managed IT services can save your business money after hearing from other business clients how it’s helping them.

Even if your business model is different to others, any type of business structure can benefit from having managed IT services over other options.

Making the choice is likely a challenge, though, if you’ve kept things the same for years. It’s especially this way if you’ve kept an in-house IT team on your payroll for more than a decade.

Yet, your money losses are possibly significant when it comes to technology management. If you had already let some of your in-house staff go recently due to tighter budgets, you probably thought the only alternative was hiring a break-fix team to come in and take care of your tech issues.

What you likely found out is those companies are more expensive than your in-house team was. That’s because break-fix teams are a bit deceptive in what they charge you. They may have a set hourly rate, yet a larger repair job could end up costing you a fortune you didn’t expect.

These are just the most common reasons why having managed services can save you money. Let’s look at other ways using a good managed service provider can help you have a healthier ROI for your company.

How Managed IT Services Can Save Your Business Money, Downtime & Risks

Giving You True IT Expertise

Hiring IT staff who are proven experts in what the latest technical challenges are is a costly thing since none of them are cheap. When you have managed services, you consolidate a complete staff remotely who understand exactly what needs to get done and how to fix it fast. Because managed services have a monthly set rate, you’re not paying extra money to hire an in-house expert who may not really be an expert.

The problem with people working only for you is they have no field experience on the realities IT faces today. A managed services team works with many other industries and knows exactly what needs doing and what doesn’t.

Avoiding Downtime

When you see how much downtime costs businesses today, you’ll probably want to shudder. Some studies last year showed it could cost as much as $5,600 per minute. It’s all the more reason sticking with a team that can’t fix a problem properly needs some fixing on your part immediately.

All of your systems could shut down today, and it’s possible it won’t get fixed for hours or even days. It’s worse if it happens on a weekend or a holiday when your payroll team (or an outside break-fix team) isn’t available.

A decent managed services provider monitors your systems 24/7 so problems get caught in the act. Anything occurring during off-hours are generally fixed before you even return to work.

Having Access to the Latest Technologies

It takes time to go out and seek the right technology to help your business grow. That time you take can cut into your valuable work time to a point where you start to fall behind. A managed service provider already has access to the latest technologies they can put to use for you remotely. However, the best services also come to your business in person when necessary to install new tech devices.

Since most management gets done remotely, you don’t need any physical hardware or software anyway. With the cloud, most to all of your entire business operations can occur internally where IT managers continually update it so you’re always protected. You’re essentially getting that hardware and software at a reduced price since it all comes as part of the set monthly fee you pay.

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