For many people, cloud computing is a mystical, mysterious thing (the name probably doesn’t help!). And here at Stanfield IT HQ, we hear a lot of myths and misconceptions about the cloud.

Let’s sort fact from fiction.

What is the cloud?

In the old days – in fact, just a few years ago – the only place to store your emails, contacts, calendars and documents was on your computer…or an external source such as a hard drive.

Now, you can store all of that information in the cloud. It’s actually a tricky thing to describe, because the term ‘the cloud’ is misused a lot.

If we get back to basics, the cloud is an online storage system. You and your team can log in to a cloud account to connect, collaborate, share and work from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Is my business safe in the cloud?

This is the big myth about cloud computing – that it’s too risky. After all, how do you know that the confidential information you upload and share in the cloud won’t fall into the wrong hands?

Unfortunately, too many in-house service and product providers spread this fear. Why? Because they see cloud computing as a threat to their existing investment…which it is!

Here’s the truth: most cloud solutions have superior security safeguards and encryption than banks that offer online banking. In fact, if cloud computing wasn’t so safe, there’s no way more than half of all US businesses would use it to streamline their IT processes.

Besides, how safe is storing information on your laptop or in-house server? All it takes is forgetting to back up, or falling prey to a virus, and your vital data could be wiped – or stolen. That’s a big risk.

Why use cloud computing?

Now that you know cloud computing is safe and secure, you may be wondering why else you should use it.

Until recently, many businesses were resistant to move their data to the cloud. Doing so was seen as being too complicated, time consuming and unnecessary.

But the world’s biggest corporations – not to mention a growing number of SMEs – are now seeing tremendous value in cloud computing, such as:

  • Automatic, secure back-up
  • Data is syncronised across multiple devices in multiple locations – so if one site goes down, you can still access everything you need
  • Data is always available and easy to share
  • Teams in remote locations can continuously connect and collaborate
  • Staff can work faster and smarter, boosting productivity and profitability

And the myth that cloud computing is complicated? Leave it to us. Our expert team can help you smoothly move your data across to the cloud – and get you trained up in no time. Ask us how.