Doing business in the Information Age requires a great IT Support team. Your core IT infrastructure not only secures your productivity and bottom line, it allows your organisation to deliver on its promises and build its reputation. With so much riding on your systems–from cyber security to secure storage to uninterrupted performance–your company needs to be confident in the responsiveness and expertise of its IT support team.

As technology continues to shape the workplace, an outsourced, dedicated IT support function is becoming essential to many companies. Although adding another line item to the budget can sound painful, it is a minimal investment compared to the losses incurred from unanticipated outages and downtime.

When your organisation is ready to add an outsourced IT support team, you want to make sure you’re getting one that meets your needs. How can you recognise a truly excellent team? Here are 6 ways that you can recognise the best.

6 ways to tell if you are experiencing great IT Support

1) They’re available when you need them.  Your employees work on weekends, off-hours, and while travelling. They need access to responsive technical support 24/7. Your IT support team needs to be able to remotely access your company’s workstations, laptops, servers and networks. They need robust storage and restoration protocols to ensure that key documents are not lost in the event of system damage or malfunction.

2) They know your systems and procedures. You need a team that fully understands all the layers of your IT systems, and is guaranteed to serve the specific hardware, software and networking structures of your organization. Beware of generic soft promises; you want your IT support team to be familiar with all of the tools your employees use, as well as the back-end structures.

3) They’re good communicators. They listen without interrupting, they ask the right questions, they are responsive and helpful even in frustrating situations. They don’t dismiss or minimise real needs. They don’t intimidate or bully your employees. They deliver on their commitment to find solutions.  They follow up to make sure concerns are fully resolved. They welcome constructive feedback and are willing to change their procedures when necessary.

4) They know what they don’t know. A good IT support team doesn’t waste anyone’s time; you want them to acknowledge immediately when they don’t have a solution, and to set about finding one immediately. Everyone’s knowledge has limits; you don’t want your bottom line and productivity to suffer because someone couldn’t admit they were stumped.

5) They’re proactive.  A great IT Support team continuously monitors your systems and alerts you and your staff when they identify a problem.  You want them to notify you when network or other large-scale system failures threaten your business continuity, and to develop effective workarounds to protect your data.

6) They’re flexible. You want your IT support team to accommodate and support changes in your systems. When your systems are ready for upgrade or expansion, you want your IT support team to provide input and help you prepare for transition, including training. You want them to understand your larger mission and help you evaluate the effectiveness of your systems in supporting it.

If your organisation already out-sources its IT support, use these guidelines to evaluate your team’s effectiveness.  If they aren’t performing as well as you would like, perhaps it’s time to set new standards or even consider a replacement.  If you’re currently seeking to launch a relationship with an IT support provider, let us know your needs. Stanfield IT can work with you to develop a program that exceeds your expectations for quality, responsiveness and expertise.

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