Have you ever found you needed to find an email and couldn’t? Google Apps Vault might be for you.

You didn’t know enough about the email to determine where, who, what, when and so on.

You commit hours or days of resources getting someone to look through mailboxes, dig up old archive files or restore old backups and old employee data.

Here are 5 reasons your business needs Google Apps Vault.

What is Google Apps Vault?

Google have created a bolt on to Google Apps for Work called Google Apps Vault. Google Apps Vault is designed to capture a copy of every incoming and outgoing message across your organisation. It’s dirt cheap and easy to set up and get going.

1 – Litigation matters

Say you find yourself in a legal situation and you need to quickly gather up evidence of a past project. It could be months or years in the past. You may have a project that has had issues or an employee that hasn’t delivered the correct results. Google Apps Vault allows you to find the email you need very quickly.

2 – Employees accidentally or intentionally delete email

Lets be honest here, everyone makes mistakes and at some time or another just about everyone has deleted or removed something by mistake. Sometimes it’s not important but other times it can be very critical. And it might not be for a year until someone needs that bit of information. Employees can accidently delete information so it’s always best to make sure you can get it back if you ever need it.

On the flip side larger organisations will probably experience this more than smaller ones but employees can sometimes be the center of sabotage and delete things for various reasons. Again best to be safe if you ever think you might need an email no matter what your staff do with it.

3 – Retention of email

Google Apps Vault enables you to set a retention period on email for a time frame you choose. This means all your email will be stored and available from the one interface in Vault. You can set standard retention periods across all of your domain or you can set custom retention periods.

4 – Searching for email across all of your accounts

If you already use Gmail you will be well aware of Google’s powerful search functionality. It’s unbeatable. In Vault you can quickly search across multiple accounts or even hundreds or thousands of accounts in a domain and have a quick result. As with all searching you can be very specific searching for date ranges, specific email addresses internal and external domains.

No more manually digging through old archives, restoring backups or even having to ask different people to do this for you. Your IT team can do this or give permissions to the appropriate person to do the searching for you.

5 – Export the emails

Once you have found the emails you are looking for you can instantly export them into a folder for review. Be it a few emails or hundreds they are easily exportable and you can provide them to your legal team or the person leading the project who needs the information.

In summary

Google Apps Vault is a great addition to Google Apps for Work and for any business that needs to protect itself in litigation matters or protect the intellectual property from sabotage or other unwanted attacks. It’s a great idea to let your team know about Vault so they are aware the company is protected and if in the event they decided to do wrong by your company you would still have a copy of your data.

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