So you have decided to implement Google Apps for Work but do you need training? If your team have not used Google Apps for Work before it’s likely they will need training. Google is busy adding new features to benefit your business every day to save you time.

Like any new system there will be a learning curve but there is always benefit once you have a broader understanding on how to use Google Apps for Work. You will save time and ultimately your company money as you will be able to get your work done faster.

Get Google Apps for Work Training From The Best

Now that you are on your path to “Going Google” you need to incorporate training in with your team. Having your training sessions run by someone who is Google Apps certified is a good start. They will guide your training sessions with full relevance to your deployment.

A Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialist will know how to answer any questions that arise about the core Google Apps products so that users get speedy answers to their questions and problems.

Google Apps for Work Training That Is Suitable For Your Team

Training sessions can be for specific apps like Gmail or Google Drive or they can be for the whole suite of core apps in Google and can include Gmail, Contacts, Drive, Calendars and Hangouts.

You can also incorporate any integrations with other platforms like CRM such as Salesforce or NetSuite.

There are many formats Google Apps for Work Training sessions can be run in.

Here’s a quick list of ideas;

  • Run in your office or training room
  • From a your Google Apps for Work Partners office and training facility
  • On Google Hangouts or one of the traditional platforms like GoToMeeting for remote team members

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