You have made the decision to adopt Google Apps for Work in your company. Now you should choose a Google Apps for Work Partner to get the solution implemented in your business seamlessly and with your business in mind.

Google Apps for Work Partners are certified by Google and have demonstrated to Google they are competent in managing and deploying Google Apps for Work for other businesses.

Partners have an already existing relationship with Google which is really beneficial to end users and the long term success when it comes to knowing how to best meet your needs and work on integrating the platform into your existing environment. Partners are well versed in how best to maximise your investment.

Getting the best result

Google Apps for Work Partners have already worked across a number of other businesses and are experienced at migrating and deploying the platform from existing systems and environments. Google Apps for work Partners have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to different scenarios and industries.

Tailor Google Apps to your needs

Out of the box Google Apps for work is very powerful and can be setup quickly. The most challenging part of the project is bringing across your data. Your email, groups, calendars and documents are just the start.

Google Apps for Work Partners can help you to bring your data in and consult with you on how the system should be used in your organisation. This comes down to experience as there can be many different ways to migrate your data. Migrating one way over another may save your team time. In the end saving your team time should be at the forefront of your goals.

What to look for in a Google Apps for Work Partner

When choosing a Google Apps for work Partner make sure you ask the following questions.

  • Can they provide case studies on businesses they have already migrated? Here’s an example
  • Have they migrated from the system you are migrating from?
  • What are the different stages in the project and how would they plan your migration?
  • What tools are they planning on using to migrate your data?
  • Who from their team are Google Apps Certified and who will be working on your migration?
  • What ongoing support arrangement can they provide?

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