Google Apps for Work can boost your business whether you’re just getting started as a small business or you are a veteran in the field, the world of emerging software and technologies can become rapidly overwhelming.

What are the best business solutions for your market? How can your team more efficiently communicate with one another? What are the most cost-effective ways to keep things running smoothly?

Fortunately, Google Apps for Work present some of the best solutions to all of these questions.

Here are 4 ways Google Apps for Work can boost your Small Business!

1. Massive Storage

While things may change depending on what field you’re in, chances are that the storage provided through Google Drive and Gmail are more than enough to get your business going and running smoothly. If you choose to purchase Google Apps for Work at $5/user/month, you’re looking at an awe-inspiring 30GB or Drive and Email storage. This alone is a great incentive, especially for companies who are looking to abandon their paper shackles and go digital.

2. Ease of Use

As of 2012, 425 million people have Gmail accounts. How many of your employees are in that pool? If most of them are familiar with using Gmail, Google Calendar, or any of Google’s other wildly popular web apps, the transition from whatever systems you’re currently using into the Google Apps for Work family will be a breeze. While some functions such as Sites and Groups may be new to your company, the majority of your employees will at the very least be familiar with Google’s search bar.

If there’s any benefit that outweighs all the others, it’s that Google integrates its search bar into every one of its Web Apps. Looking for an email you can’t quite find? Turn to the search bar. A Calendar event that’s slipped your mind? The search bar is there to help. If your employees and teamsters can use the Google search bar even without having ever heard of Google Apps, they’ll migrate to the Google Apps for Work system with grace.

3. First Choice for the Digital Nomad

Regardless of your field, choosing a Cloud-based service means something huge – the flexibility and freedom to work from anywhere that has internet. Have employees who need the ability to work from home? With Google Apps, it’s a cinch. Want to give your employees the opportunity to work within any capacity that feels right to them, and not just restrain them to a cubicle? As long as they have internet access and a computer they like working on, the Google Apps family makes that possible.

Employees stay connected using Gmail; they reach out for support using Groups; they share projects and timelines using Drive and Calendar; and they can easily update any web information using Google Sites. Unless you have a need for face-to-face meetings to occur, Google gives your employees – and you – the freedom to become the 21st centuries new breed of worker, the digital nomad.

4. More Fluent Communication

There are components here to how Google improves your businesses communication – external communication, and internal communication.

First, Gmail gives you the option to use something better than as your email connection with clients. Instead, make a professional first impression with By setting up Gmail as your business client email, you’re immediately saying to customers and partners, “We’re serious about what we do, and that means we’ll take you seriously as well.”

Second, by making use of apps like Calendar and Drive, you’re able to seamlessly collaborate with every member of your company and each team within that company. Everyone has access to the same work flow, to the same projects, and to the same itemized documents. You can get as specific as you want with how access is granted; you can allow top-level employees master-level access to all Drive folders and Calendar-editing options; your opportunities for customization with access within your company is limitless. By using Google Apps for Work, your improving communication between employees, teams, and the company as a whole.

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