Gmail labels might be for you. Are you lost in a forest of folders in your Outlook account? Forever foraging for important emails – and fed up with wasting time searching and scouring?

Then you might like to make the switch to Gmail, and use labels to simplify and streamline your email management.

We’re big advocates for Gmail labels, because they help our clients work smarter and faster.

Here’s how Gmail labels can simplify your work:

1. Easier email organising

With Gmail labels, you can apply several labels to one message. For example, a meeting agenda from your HR team could be labelled as ‘HR’ and ‘meetings’ – or anything else you choose to use.

On the other hand, in Outlook you can only put an email into one folder; it can’t be shared across folders. So it’s up to you to remember where it went!

2. Fast functionality

Categorising emails with Gmail labels is fast and simple, which is crucial when working on-the-go. Label an email from the top of Gmail, or from the Gmail app on your mobile device. It takes just seconds.

Using Outlook folders on a mobile device is a lot more tedious and time-consuming.

3. Simpler search

According to a recent report, workers spend 61% of their day lost in emails and information. That’s a lot of time that could be allocated towards more pressing business activities.

Thankfully, Gmail makes it much easier to search for emails. Tied in with Google’s search function, finding emails in your inbox is fast and efficient – far faster and flexible than manually scrolling through folders.

4. Create custom labels

In Gmail, it’s easy to create custom labels tailored to your work. Simply go to the settings wheel, click ‘settings’, then click the ‘labels’ tab.


5. Far more flexible

Labels are much more flexible than folders. Even if you have archived a message that’s no longer in your inbox, it will still appear under the label you used – and in the ‘All Mail’ label.

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