Don’t underestimate the value of G Suite training for you and your team. You don’t need us to tell you the benefits of G Suite for your business, you know it already. But you can still benefit from utilising G Suite training for yourself and your team. Even if you’ve been working with G Suite for some time, there are a multitude of functions and capacities you may be unaware of that can assist you with streamlining business processes and drive business.

Your G Suite Training will come into use on a daily basis for both yourself and your employees. Developing a familiarity and proficiency with G Suite will go a long way towards increasing daily productivity within your team, and increasing your efficiency.


What’s Involved In The G Suite Training?

G Suite Training can cover a whole breadth of knowledge, depending on the G Suite package you have for your business. Typically, G Suite training will cover essential topics like managing business and customer service emails through Gmail, how to utilise shared calendars for optimum collaboration, or managing drafts and file versions through G Drive. With G Suite Training, you will learn to make the most of G Suite’s benefits and make it work for your business.


Learn New Features

Google is regularly adding updates and new features to G Suite, some of which may come with a learning curve. Utilise G Suite Training to help your staff get a handle on new features and ensure that no-one is left behind.


Increase Your Workplace Productivity

You might have already figured out a system for doing things within G Suite, and your staff may too, and it probably works pretty well. But with G Suite Training, you can learn efficient processes and functions that your team may not be aware of, that allow them to perform their roles more effectively, and increase daily productivity as they utilise G Suite to its full capacity.


Tailor Training For Your Business Needs

As a certified G Suite partner, Stanfield IT is able to provide your team with G Suite training that suits your needs as a business. We can get your team on board with using G Suite quickly and show them how to make the most out of G Drive and collaborate effectively. Give us the break down on what you do, and how you want to use G Suite, and we’ll tailor a training program for your team that touches all the features that will help lift up your business and take you to the next level.

To find out more about how Stanfield IT can assist with your adoption of Google G Suite get in touch today.