The benefits of G Suite for small business are numerous and practical. When you’re in the early stages of determining what system you want for your business, the amount of information can be overwhelming. The first advantage of G Suite for small business is that it’s designed to scale to fit the size or scope of any business, so you don’t need to be concerned that your business is too modest for G Suite. G Suite is for everyone.

Here are our top ten benefits of G Suite for small business:


1. Low Cost Entry Point

As a small business, you’re often constrained by a tight budget in order to keep things running smoothly. G Suite for small business means a very low cost entry point (as low as $5 per user/month) so that cost is no barrier to entry. If you’ve just got a team of 3, you’re looking at only $15 per month to access the basic suite plan. If you’ve got some room in the budget to play, the best value plan runs at just $10 per user/month, and that comes with unlimited cloud storage!


2. Cloud Based

G Suite is a cloud-based service, which serves you well as a small business, since you won’t need to deal with ensuring you have the physical storage or servers to support it. If you’ve got a computer, you can run G Suite. That’s all you need.


3. 24/7 Support

As a small, possibly home-based business, it doesn’t seem too likely that you’ll have access to an in-house IT department with tech support, and even if you do, it’s unlikely they’re available 24/7. Google provides you with round the clock support for G Suite, so you can make things happen any time you need.


4. 99.9% SLA:

Small businesses rely on tight margins, exceptional customer service and prompt response times, so you can’t afford to have your email go down, or your server connection drop out. Another benefit of G Suite for small business is that your system is always online, your files always available on the drive and emails are never ‘down’. G Suite’s got your back!


5. Team Collaboration

G Suite was made for team collaboration and cooperation. Work on a document simultaneously with your colleagues, send feedback to each other and chat online or video conference if you’re in separate locations.


6. Cyber Security

Your data is backed by Google’s top-tier security, so breathe easy knowing that all your documents, emails, and chat logs are protected by world-class security protocols. G Suite is ISO 27001 certified which means they have cyber security at the top of their priority list.


7. Centralised Control

Feel in control by using the centralised administrative and security console, so you can easily configure functions from one place, add and remove users, manage devices and more.


8. Customisable Plan Subscription

As a small business, you may want certain features of the premium plans, but don’t have room in the budget for the deluxe subscriptions. A huge advantage of G Suite for small business is that you can add-on features like the App Maker or Google Vault for just $5 per user/month.
Shared Calendars: Calendars seamlessly integrate with Gmail, Hangouts and Drive, so you can respond to any event, and it’s immediately shared with all users. There’ll be no miscommunication about meeting times or deadlines.


9. Access Anywhere

The beauty of G Suite for small business is that it enables you to access your documents wherever you are. So if you have to work on the go, G Suite keeps everything at your fingertips as long as you have an internet connection.

Google may be our internet Overlord but they are always trying to make life faster, easier, and more efficient for users and businesses. G Suite is such a versatile tool for business, whether it’s just you, or you plus a whole team. With customisable plans, low cost subscriptions and full round-the-clock support, the benefits of G Suite for small business in particular are too good to look past.

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