G Suite prides itself on easy to use apps that are both secure and functional across all devices. Two of the most popular functions of G Suite are Gmail and Google Calendar which keep your team organised and communicating with ease. The latest update saw some changes to G suite for iOS, greatly improving the experience of the suite for Apple users.

With many businesses and professionals now harnessing the power of G Suite, the latest update had ease of access and time-saving at its core. Smoother transitions, new features and a sleeker look are some of the improvements the update boasts. All designed from user feedback and to help you while on the move.

G Suite for Apple: New Gmail features

Undo send.
Similar to desktop, you will now be able to recall emails after you send them. The option to undo comes at the touch of a button after sending any email, avoiding the email mistakes and embarrassments we all make, especially while on the move.

Search more efficiently.
Just as with Google’s search engine, the new Gmail search bar now offers spelling suggestions when searching within your inbox. Making navigating your emails easier and faster and bypassing those typos while you’re out and about.

Swipe to delete or archive.
The new swipe function allows you to quickly sort your emails. Deleting a list of unwanted or unneeded emails can be time consuming but the new swipe function is fast and efficient.

G Suite for Apple: New Calendar features

Change views.
You can now see both month and week views of your calendar in landscape view. Making it easier to see and alter your schedule with ease.

Spotlight search support
You can now use Apple’s spotlight search function to find events, reminders and goals with your Google calendar. Integrating the calendar with the iOS system more seamlessly.

Alternate Calendars.
You now have the option to use alternative calendars to look up dates and use them alongside your Gregorian calendar. Choose from calendars such as Lunar, Hindu or Islamic and use them all side by side.

Google is working to constantly update all of its apps and platforms. G Suite offers the best Google has to offer all in one convenient place for your business. This latest update goes further towards making all devices fully compatible with the G Suite framework and getting the most of the apps on your preferred device.

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