Should your team turn off their computers at the end of the working day? It’s a good question – and one that has sparked a great debate in the IT world. For most computers, the answer is ‘absolutely’. Let’s look at 4 reasons why:

4 reasons to turn off your computer

Compared to a computer that is left on overnight, a switched off computer may:

  1. Use less power
  2. Be less vulnerable to security attacks
  3. Run more efficiently when turned back on
  4. Experience less wear and tear and get longer life

Switch off to save money and power

Let’s look at the first point in more detail. A standard computer, with external monitor and other external peripherals, uses as much as 250 Watts.

If you leave your computer on 24/7, it could cost you $657 a year. But by turning it off overnight and on weekends and holidays, you could save up to $520 per computer, per year.

Depending on your business and the size of your team, this could be a substantial saving.

Doesn’t it waste energy turning a computer on?

It’s true that turning on a computer uses more energy. However, the energy used to do so is still far less than that wasted when a computer is left on and not in use.

How to automatically turn off your computers

A simple step is to ask your staff to turn off their computers when wrapping up work. But it’s easy to forget when you’re racing out the door.

You can also enable the sleep mode or power saver features on your PC or Mac. An easier and more effective option is to have your IT team implement an automation policy, so every computer in your office is turned off during idle hours.

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