The success of any organisation depends in part on its IT services. Without strong IT services, businesses are more likely to suffer from costly data breaches, prolonged downtime, and ineffective or outdated solutions for a variety of business operations, rendering them inefficient and unproductive compared to their competitors.

As worldwide IT spending increases, with marked growth in the IT services sector, it’s important to consider what makes for great IT service, and the qualities to look for when hiring IT professionals.

Is your business receiving great IT service? The following are three important indicators:

1) Your IT services are proactive

Strong organizations don’t limit their IT services to a reactive approach, in which IT personnel are called in only to fix problems. Reactive IT services will neglect a potentially harmful situation, allowing it to fester until it explodes in a full-blown emergency; at that point, it will prove more costly and difficult to address. A lack of planning also means that you’re less able to take advantage of technological trends and plan for your company’s future IT needs.

A proactive approach will anticipate your company’s IT needs. For example, when it comes to cyber security, proactive IT professionals will rely on round-the-clock network monitoring. They’ll actively work to prevent, block, or mitigate attacks, which can range from unauthorised use of log-in credentials to your servers getting bombarded with a botnet DDoS barrage. They’ll also anticipate how your cyber security needs will change as your company develops and grows, whether you’re planning to hire new employees or add new kinds of devices to your network.

2) You experience reliable, quick support

Businesses need to be functional round-the-clock. Employees may work at different hours, from different locations. Your website needs to stay up 24/7, available to customers whenever they choose to visit and make purchases.

Downtime is costly. It drains you financially and weakens customer trust. If you have a problem of any sort, whether it’s an equipment outage or a piece of software that’s crashing, you want to rely on help ASAP.

Strong IT services will provide you with support whenever you need it. You’ll have ways of receiving effective assistance both on-site and off-site, without protracted delays. Furthermore, the IT professionals you work with will be familiar with your systems, helping them understand the issue and reach a solution more quickly.

3) You have all bases covered

Consider the scope of your IT set-up. It includes a variety of hardware, such as laptops, smartphones, servers, and printers. It also encompasses a broad range of software that supports all your business functions, ranging from accounting to sales to customer service.

Along with keeping everything functioning well, and knowing when to perform updates and upgrades, you also have to make various decisions that will best suit your company’s needs. For example, maybe you have to consider what cloud services to migrate to or choose the security solutions that will keep smartphone data safest for any employees working away from the office. What IT policies should you come up with for your employees, and how can you effectively enforce them? If you want to automate more of your work-flow, how can you go about doing this in the most cost-effective way?

One way to handle all of these critical IT decisions and functions is to rely on managed services. Managed service providers will work with your business to implement the solutions that serve your goals and requirements. They’ll shoulder much of the work, giving you oversight and keeping you up-to-date on what’s going on while handling the day-to-day management of your IT set-up. They’ll also help you plan for the future strategically.

Another advantage to working with a variety of outside professionals, including the ones in your manage services team, is that you can tap into a broader skill set. Even if you’ve hired in-house IT personnel, outsourced professionals can complement their knowledge and expertise, and they can take on different responsibilities based on their unique strengths and capabilities.

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