These are the tools that your employees want and need to ensure that your business is not left behind. Stanfield IT and Google Apps for Business bring you the tools.

Email where your employees are:

Gmail provides you with an email address that is It matches your business name or web address. Gmail works on any computer or mobile device with access to the Internet! It also has offline support so your staff can keep working when they are disconnected from the Internet. So now when you staff are at a desk, on a plane, in a meeting, or anywhere – your business email is there. This is critical in on international working stage.

Work faster and save more time:

Gmail is designed to make you powerful and productive in the workplace. You can search for everything, give emails labels and filters to stay organized. Included is a massive 30GB of storage, which is shared across your Google Apps, and you can purchase more for very little cost. Not to mention it works perfectly with calendars to integrate all your meetings across your employees.

Connect with the people that matter:

Now your employees can have an email that isn’t just about sending and receiving message. They can text, voice and video chat plus see who else is online. Part of connecting with the people that matter means you can see their recent updates, share documents easily and see profile pictures of the people that matter so a face is never forgotten.

Fast translation for international communication:

If your business has various workers or vendors in different countries, Google can automatically detect this and translate for you to your native language with a single click. So simple!

What about Security – I can hear you saying it now!

Well with Google this is the last thing you ever need to worry about again.


Security and reliability:

Gmail is designed to be incredibly secure and reliable. It includes features like two step authentication, attachment viewing in the browser, encrypted connections to Google servers, simultaneous replicated storage for your email, built in disaster recovery, spam filtering and sender authentication. Just to name a few!

Google Apps includes dozens of critical security features specifically designed to keep your data safe, secure and in your control. Your data belongs to you, and Apps tools enable you to control it, including whom you share it with and how you share it. Google’s data centre network provides exceptional security and guarantees reliable access to your data, 24x7x365.25 (that’s right: no rest, even on leap years).

In reality you have no choice but to take your business forward and never be left behind in business again. Sign up for our blogs so that your business can hear about the latest benefits of doing business utilizing Google Apps. Or head over to the client page to read some testimonials.