Every business across every industry is now online. Computer networks often provide a somewhat secure and reliable solution to communication and storage within your business. But every industry, from medical to political, has recently suffered from breaches in their cyber security. The outcomes of which have been catastrophic in some cases. Victims have suffered such things as loss of data, confidentiality breaches, leaked information and denied access to networks. Often damaging reputations and in some cases costing thousands, if not millions, of dollars in payments and lost business.

So have you taken the time to ponder are you a cyber security resilient organisation?

As with most things, prevention of these attacks is down to preparation. All too often, cyber security is overlooked as a vital part of business; the consequences of which can be hugely damaging. Many businesses often have inadequate or inappropriate systems in place that provide little or no protection against the threats to their business.

Education and information available to users is also often inadequate. User mistakes and bad practices often create the entryway for the hackers. Clicking on a harmful email link or downloading a malicious file or virus can provide the backdoor the hackers need.

It’s important to consider what is at risk here. Imagine your business’ computer network suffered an attack to your cyber security. How much business might you lose if your staff couldn’t access their computers for an hour, or a day, or a week? Cyber attacks reportedly cost businesses $400 billion a year worldwide across all industries and it often goes undetected.

How safe is the confidentiality of your customers and your work? Data is one of the most popular rewards for the hackers and the loss of confidential data can affect your business’ reputation. How about yours and your customers’ intellectual property, is that safe and secure? The more confidential the information is the more valuable and enticing it is to hackers. The cyber security surrounding your data needs to be watertight an inaccessible through malicious entrances.

Are your personal details safe, how about your staffs and customers? Having a leak in customers email addresses and phone numbers will damage your business’ reputation enough, but imagine a leak of bank and social security details; you may never recover from that. Cyber security around all personal details needs to be effective and efficient.

Prevention is the most important step and the backbone of cyber security. You’ll need multi layers of security in place across your networks, devices and communications. Often, businesses don’t have a backup or restoration plan in place either. These are vital to getting your system back online in the case of an attack.

Your cyber security needs to be tailored to your business and the way your computer network operates. Application level firewalls monitor and secure traffic accessing certain networks, programs and platforms. Strong passwords and file encryption can secure private and confidential data. Parameters and adblockers can limit the access to and from harmful and malicious content entering the network through email and internet browsing. But importantly, information and training around the threats of cyber security need to be available to all staff using your computer network.

Many companies now offer cyber security services that can be tailored to your business’ needs. The popularity and severity of these attacks is ever-growing and no industry is immune. All businesses must recognise the importance of cyber security and the role it plays in the overall security of your business. Cyber security is a topic that needs to be tackled from all angles. The tactics used to compromise networks are constantly growing and becoming more advanced. The preventative measures must grow with them.

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