Collaboration with Google Apps for Work – Every business is always striving to improve it’s performance to gain an edge on it’s competitors. Seamless collaboration between employees and external suppliers and clients is crucial to success.

An increasing number of companies are tapping into the power of cloud computing to improve collaboration among employees, business partners, and clients.

Google Apps for Work is a leading suite of cloud-based tools that can significantly increase your business productivity, in part by making collaboration easier.

The following are five tips for how to improve your business collaboration with Google Apps for Work.

1) Work together on a variety of files  – Google Docs

Google Docs and Google Sheets allow you to work on documents and spreadsheets collaboratively; Google Slides performs the same function for presentations. All of these tools are easy to use; they’re flexible, and their output looks beautiful and professional.

You can watch other team members contribute to the files in real-time; read and reply to their edits and comments, and further discuss the revisions via chat. You don’t have to keep sending files back and forth; they’re accessible on your browser. Google can keep track of revisions and previous file versions. Everyone will be able to find the latest version of a file and understand what the team is currently working on.

2) Keep your team on track with a powerful calendar – Google Calendar

Google Calendar integrates easily with a number of other apps, and it’s an effective way to schedule meetings and make plans for a project.  Different team members can share their schedules, confirm deadlines, and report when they’re able to work on a task. You can share the relevant details about a meeting, including its purpose and its location; last-minute changes are easy to make, and everyone gets updated.

3) Talk face-to-face online – Google Hangouts

If your team is scattered across different locations, Google Hangouts is an excellent tool for video chats. You can organize a hangout for up to 15 people who can use a variety of devices to participate, including their Smartphones. You can also display various files on-screen and comment on them.

4) Solicit feedback with surveys – Google Forms

Feedback is an important part of powerful collaboration. You want to know what you’re doing right and how you can improve further. You can also ask for ideas and have people vote on them. Google Forms lets you quickly construct surveys and questionnaires to distribute among team members, employees, clients and customers. You can format the surveys in different ways, and Google Forms compiles the response data in Google Sheets, making the subsequent analysis easier for you.

5) Make a website for projects – Google Sites

Using Google Sites, you can build a website for your project. What are some of the collaborative benefits? You and your team can post updates and project plans, and centralize information in a clear, well-organized way. Your website can include the project team’s calendar and a variety of content, including videos and images. Google Sites makes the web pages simple to build; you don’t need to know HTML or have any other programming experience.

Choose who can edit your website, and decide on its level of privacy. Maybe you only want your team to see it, or maybe you want to make it available to everyone in your company so that you can solicit feedback on the project; you can also make it public at some point to drum up excitement for your project.

In conclusion

Collaboration with Google Apps for Work, you can enjoy a much easier time collaborating on various projects and coordinating between employees. You can work from anywhere and from multiple devices. Google’s tools have the potential to reduce misunderstandings and redundancies. The collaborative ease they give you can improve your productivity and speed up your progress on critical projects.

If you want further advice and guidance on how to use Google Apps for Work collaboratively, please contact us. We can ensure that you’re making the best use of these tools and deriving the most value from them.

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