The benefits of cloud disaster recovery are numerous, even if you’re maybe still on the fence about how useful the cloud is for business.

If you’ve heard all of the misconceptions about the cloud in recent years and whether it’s secure, remember that provider quality matters. Any technology is vulnerable to online thieves with lax dedication in monitoring to make sure you’re always safe.

With all attention on security, you may neglect to realize the impact the cloud can make in other areas, namely disaster recovery. This works on a different level from what you’re maybe used to in the past. If you’ve had your own server for far too long, you may already have too many horror stories to tell about losing data.

In the age we’re living in, keeping data safe is more important than ever. It’s especially true if you have to stay compliant with customer data. However, with the unpredictable world we’re living in, having your data accessible through the cloud can save your life when compared to other disaster recovery methods.

By looking at disaster scenarios and other data storage methods, you can see why cloud disaster recovery can be the best disaster recovery platform.

Dealing with Natural Disasters

We’ve all seen evidence of how unpredictable weather can get and how it destroys entire communities in one day. What happens if you rely on your own server or a nearby third-party server to store all of your most critical business data?

Your own business location where you house your server could become decimated in a manner of a few minutes during a severe earthquake or hurricane. The same with any third-party server in the local area. No matter if you’ve planned for redundancy and have additional backups in other locations, it could take a long time to retrieve everything you need.

Back in the days when many relied on tapes to store data, it could take weeks to get it all restored. Some still rely on tapes, and recovery is still just as slow.

With the cloud, you have instant retrieval of all your data, anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Dealing with Man-Made Disasters

Plenty of evidence exists at how much human beings instigate disasters, and it can sometimes come from unexpected sources. Perhaps you live in a volatile part of the country or world where protesters could potentially cause damage to your business. Or, it’s possible you’ve discovered how viciously unscrupulous some employees can end up being.

In the latter case above, perhaps someone stole data from you out of spite. Conversely, you may have well-meaning employees, yet one accidentally caused data deletions.

Not all disasters happen on purpose, and even the accidental deletion of one small piece of important data could disrupt your business dramatically.

A lot of the things you store away for your business are probably tools you use daily. With more “as a service” solutions available through the cloud, you can store nearly the entire operations of your business there and access everything immediately.

This helps you get your business back on its feet the same day without any excessive downtime. Having your customer information, your software and hardware, plus all regulated data back under your control, you can conquer the idea that disasters put businesses out of commission.

Don’t become a statistic like so many other businesses of being complacent to what could happen. Here at Stanfield IT, we have excellent cloud solutions for all situations, including disasters.

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