Business VoIP may still sound like a cryptic acronym to you if you still use landline phone in your business.

If you’ve never known what VoIP stands for, it means an overly technical “Voice over Internet Protocol.” All you really need to know is the keyword “Internet.”

It’s a digital phone system that basically works through your existing Internet line. Even better is that business VoIP works through the cloud, which is an essential tool for keeping you better connected.

You need to learn about how business VoIP can revolutionize the way your business communicates, because the world of business is undeniably becoming more competitive. No doubt your own business is feeling the pains of growth lately, and using landline phones just doesn’t help in properly communicating with your staff.

The above is especially true if you’re all working on a business project together and have a strict deadline. Even communication with customers can become strained when you don’t have more efficient methods of conveying information to them. This doesn’t include placing customers on hold for too long to a point of frustration.

Take a look at what a quality business VoIP provider can give you to exponentially improve your business telecommunications from every possible angle.

Enhanced Mobility

Your business may have a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy in place now. Despite your employees enjoying the freedom of working outside the office, you still have to put up with the cost of a cell phone company. When you consider how many cell phone calls employees probably make in a day, imagine how many minutes that’s placing on the bill.

Combining a cell phone bill next to a regular phone bill can start eating into your profits each quarter. Your phone company alone is probably costing you far too much in fees for local and international calls.

Using a VoIP system, you can use one number to bring more mobility to your employees without worrying about how long they talk. That’s because VoIP systems only charge you a flat rate per month without all the excess fees.

Thanks to the easy connectivity on mobile devices and within your company, employees can easily communicate with you anywhere they are. Plus, your staff can easily reach customers, and vice versa.

Remote Conferencing

As you work on critical business projects, you absolutely need to get everyone in on sharing ideas. It’s a problem, however, when you’re all traveling around the world for business. VoIP can bring superior conferencing ability via voice or even video.

Not long ago, conferencing features like this would have cost a fortune, plus dealing with voice and video freezes. Now, technology has improved and you can conference with VoIP almost as if your employees are right there with you.

Having all your best employees working with you in real-time can mean getting a major leg up on your competitors.

Helping Communication with Your Customers

Communication level with your customers can profoundly change using a good VoIP platform. With numerous VoIP features like personal assistant and immediate connectivity to any extension, customers get more professional treatment when they call you.

Rather than having to place customers on long holds, you can finally give them the service you’ve always wanted. Since VoIP stores information in the cloud, you can also find instant data on a customer during a call. All customers appreciate having call center operators accessing immediate info about a prior call or other pertinent details.

These are just a few of the ways VoIP has already revolutionized communication in the business world. Let us provide a quality VoIP system for you here at Stanfield IT.

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