If you’ve ever wondered how a business firewall could save your business from disaster, it’s time to learn how essential it is in today’s volatile cyber world. Because your business is probably more connected digitally than ever, the chances only go up that you could face hackers and have data compromised.

Statistics show cyber criminals continue to increase attacks on businesses, and the latter isn’t getting smarter about security procedures. It’s easy to get complacent about security if you’ve never had a cyber crime happen.

The problem is that you may have hacking going on without even knowing. There isn’t always immediate evidence to show someone snooping into your databases. Sometimes you don’t realize you’ve had data stolen until months later when seeing an employee’s identity stolen.

All of these issues and more are preventable by using a business firewall. If you’ve been confused about how they work, what to buy, and what they protect against, it’s time to look at the details.

What Type of Business Firewall to Buy

Buying physical firewall software can sometimes become expensive, and it’s more so if you need extra protection for multiple departments. While some free firewall is available online, these are quite limited and aren’t great for protecting small or large businesses.

If you have to acquire business firewall software, one that acts as a router is the best choice to protect traffic going from computer to computer. Read online reviews about which one is the best and how it works with specific hardware and software.

Sometimes, if you don’t configure settings correctly, hackers could still compromise a firewall. So be sure to understand every feature and how to customize.

Many companies prefer getting a firewall through managed services to save money and time. Using this from a remote dedicated team can help you focus on other things and still enjoy protection.

Once set up, you can see exactly how thorough firewalls are in protecting you from disaster.

Monitoring Inbound and Outbound Traffic

Two-way firewalls are important to use as well since it can monitor in and out traffic through your network. Since all information gets sent in packets, something going out could threaten your network security as much as data coming in.

If you’re unknowingly sending something bad to someone else, the firewall works to protect those businesses as well as yourself. Viruses and hackers can easily infiltrate more than one network at a time and could shut systems down for hours or even days.

Dealing with Trojans

You’ve probably dealt with trojans for years, and they never go away. Firewalls block these before they attach themselves to your files. They’re one of the most insidious viruses because you won’t notice them until your computer starts acting strange.

When trojans latch on to files, you inadvertently send them to others and create a web of problems to multiple locations.

The Problem with Keyloggers

Spyware is still as problematic as ever after years of doing damage. Keyloggers are usually embedded in spyware so hackers can track your keystrokes. These are especially dangerous because online thieves can see what passwords you’re using and easily infiltrate your private network.

A quality business firewall immediately notices these and blocks them. Using protection through managed services, you can get the same features without having to tweak anything on your own.

Here at Stanfield IT, we provide managed services and other IT services to keep your systems secure 24/7. We’re here to educate you on security technology so you understand exactly how it works and how it’s helping you.

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