Back in May, we told you about the Heartbleed bug and how it could affect your business. Now there’s a new security vulnerability called Bash bug that’s even more malicious.

Bash bug – experts say it could control hundreds of millions of computers worldwide, not to mention many here in Australia. But what is the Bash bug, why is it so bad, and is your business at risk?

What is the Bash bug?

The new bug, which some have dubbed ‘Shellshock’, is a software vulnerability in the computer program Bash. Many global IT systems use Bash, a Unix shell that allows the user to send commands to the computer’s operating system.

The vulnerabilities let hackers use code to carry out illegal and malicious tasks. This includes accessing the computer’s webcam, creating and spreading viruses, sending spam, or joining a network of infected devices and servers to cause even more damage.

Is my business at risk?

Possibly. While Apple, Android and Windows devices appear to be unaffected, other devices used in your home or business could be at risk.

Mostly, though, servers, websites, and network devices are more vulnerable than individual computers. So you need to talk with your service provider or IT team to ensure you are protected.

How can I protect my business from Bash bug?

The bad news is, there isn’t a lot users can do. The best advice is to wait for your hardware and software providers to release operating system updates in coming days. So keep your eyes peeled! We will be writing another blog in the coming days to help you identify what exactly is affected.

You should also check that your firewalls are correctly configured, to keep hackers away from your devices.

Another tip is to avoid using untrusted WiFi networks – such as your local café – until security updates have been released.

If you’re concerned about your network, just ask your tech provider or support team.

And to ensure your business IT systems are secure, speak to the Stanfield IT team today.