Backups and Disaster Recovery

We build backup and disaster recovery strategies for organisations who can’t afford to lose data and have mission critical systems, applications and infrastructure that can’t be offline.

Backups and Disaster Recovery Services

Employees and teams in the modern business environment are 100% dependent on data, systems and applications that run on business infrastrastructure. Ensuring that infrastructure is reliable, fast and designed with greater resilience takes careful planning and a clear understanding of the strategy and business expectations.
With the explosion of new innovative solutions for on premise, hosted and cloud based backup and disaster recovery solutions there has never been a better time to save time, money, increase uptime and reduce business risk.
Stanfield IT have solutions to meet the needs of business continuity and disaster recovery requirements no matter where your data is located. Our solutions are easy to deploy and are monitored and managed around the clock to ensure your business is protected.  

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