Get up to date with shared cloud storage.

It used to be that documents and information were saved to your computer or server which kept them secure, but limited the access you had to your files if you were out of the office.
If people saved to their desktop or server documents could become out of date or go missing. If you were dealing with external parties, sharing files usually meant emailing the document to the other person, which could result in multiple versions being emailed around or the audacious task of having to consolidate updates from multiple document versions or even information going missing. Neither situation was particularly good or offered any flexibility.With the onset of cloud computing (having your information saved on external servers) shared cloud storage has become available, providing easier and secure access to documentation for you, your staff or your clients. But what is shared cloud storage and why should you use it?

What is shared cloud storage?

Shared cloud storage is a method of storing information in a centralised system out of your business. This information can be easily accessed onsite or remotely by authorised people using all of your devices like smart phones, tablets or computers. So instead of having expensive servers in your office that may only be accessible there, it’s done online with an external party looking after the storage and maintenance of your files for you.

Why use it in your business?

People tend not to be based completely in one office these days, some have flexible working arrangements where they can work from home or they may need to work offsite at a different office or with a client.

By using shared cloud storage in your business you can access information remotely and it stops the need to store files on one computer or on USB sticks which can be easily misplaced. This is not only good for access outside of the office, it also means that one version of a document can be used by many different people allowing for live updates to be made and ensuring you are always using the most up to date version available.

As well as flexible access to your files, your storage can expand as you need it, so if your business grows you don’t need to invest in bigger servers and networks, you simply expand the amount of storage you require with your provider. You have the added benefit that your provider backs up all your data and upgrades automatically, so you are always at the forefront of technology without the expense of upgrading it yourself.

Examples of file storage.

If you want to use file storage for your business you could consider the following services:

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Box

If you are unsure if shared cloud storage would work for your business, need help with choosing the right system for your needs or migrating your documentation please feel free to contact us at or visit for more info.