Are you one of the 190 million people using Google Drive at work or home? Then you already know it’s the safe, secure, fast and flexible way to share files and streamline your processes.

But wait, there’s more! Google have just announced the new and improved Google Drive for Work. And here at Stanfield IT, we’re excited to offer it to new and existing business clients.

So excited in fact that we’ve put together these top 7 reasons to get Google Drive for Work.

Want to get or upgrade to a superior Google Drive experience? Ask us how.

1. Every file stored for peace of mind

How’s this for a big plus: with Google Drive for Work, you’ll never lose anything. Every single piece of information is securely stored. So even if you accidentally delete something, it’s easy to retrieve and keep working.

2. Work anywhere, anytime

Work when, where and how you want on any device. Cloud-based Google Apps for Work allows you to work and collaborate your way. It’s simply a smarter way to work.

Discover more about Google Apps for Work in this post.

3. Endless storage

Now you no longer have to worry about running out of storage, or the hassle of adding more. Google Drive for Work includes unlimited storage for every person on your team. And that includes files up to 5 TB in size. Incredible!

4. Better security controls

Your admins can now set sync client, offline, Drive app and add-on settings at the Organizational Unit (OU) level.

5. Encrypt every file

Here’s another bonus: every file you upload to Google Drive is encrypted – from your devices, between Google data servers, and while it sits on Google servers. Your confidential information doesn’t get much more protected than that.

6. Costs less than lunch

Google Drive for Business is incredibly affordable. Whether you’re a new or exciting Google Apps for Business customer, you can get Google Drive for Business for just $10 per user per month – or $120 per user per year.

Plus, billing is easy under the new Google Apps Unlimited

7. Easy to get, easy to upgrade

At Stanfield IT, we like to keep things simple. And Google does too. So if you want to transform the way you do business – or upgrade your existing Google Apps account – get in touch and we’ll have you set up in no time, so you can get back to business.