Google Apps for Work has transformed the way we work.

Businesses can now share, collaborate, and communicate in the cloud with their team anywhere, anytime, on any device.

It’s also simple to set up and run, with very little IT admin needed to operate the productivity suite.

But many of our clients are choosing to outsource their Google Apps management to us.

Here are 4 benefits to using a Managed Google Apps service:

Easily manage users

Google Apps is all about working smarter and faster. That being said, there is some ongoing maintenance that you might prefer to outsource. This includes adding, removing, and changing users when a team member joins or leaves your organisation.

This isn’t tricky to do, but it does create extra work for someone in your office. Outsource this task to a Managed Google Apps service provider (like Stanfield IT) and it’s one less thing to worry about – especially if you’re a big business with an ever-expanding staff.


There are many ways Google Apps can be set up and administered. So it’s very important to ensure Google Apps is configured correctly for your business and workplace. With this, consistency is key.

An outsourced Google Apps service will expertly manage the way users are set up, how they use their Google Apps, and how they collaborate with colleagues. This ensures you get the very best return on investment.

Access to a top team

What happens when your IT person is off sick, on holiday, or leaves suddenly? With a managed Google Apps service through a reliable IT provider, the ball is never dropped. You can access an entire team of IT experts when you need them, with no IT tasks being forgotten or neglected.

Fewer issues

Cloud-based platforms like Google Apps are always evolving and updating. So you need someone on your team who can keep on top of the changes and how they could impact the business. An outsourced company managing other Google Apps for Work domains will know how to handle any issues that arise and minimise any disruptions or downtime.

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